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Welcome to the University of Iowa Data Digest.

The Data Digest provides comprehensive quantitative information about various aspects of the university, including students, faculty, and budget. It is meant to serve as a source of official numbers. Please note that many measures can be counted in a variety of different ways, depending on definitions of what to include, timeframe, and other variables. Source and technical notes at the end of this document should help to clarify what choices were made in producing these reports.

This document may be updated throughout the year.

We welcome your feedback about the Digest and how we can improve it to help to meet your data needs.  Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions, or other feedback.

Information & Resource Management
Office of the Provost

PDF icon2019-20 Data Digest


Selected data are also available via the:

Interactive Data Digest


Archived Digests:

PDF icon2018-19 Data Digest

PDF icon2017-18 Data Digest

PDF icon2016-17 Data Digest

PDF icon2015-16 Data Digest