Path to Distinction: research-informed strategies and resources to advance community and inclusion in the search process.

The following documentation is required and must be approved by the department, college, and Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. The Office of Civil Rights Compliance must give final approval prior to initiating the search process, interviewing candidates, or making an offer to the final candidate.

  • Requisition/Recruitment Plan 
  • Pre-Interview Report
  • Search and Selection Summary

Additional Policies

Additional UI policies regarding recruitment and hiring:

If an appointment is greater than 50% time and for more than one year, a Search must be conducted. Requisitions are initiated within Jobs@UIOWA. To access this site you must first log into the Employee Self-Service website and select the link within the Administration tab. For a complete description of search/posting requirements, see Search/Posting Guidance document.

For additional assistance in processing a faculty requisition - please reference the "Creating the Requisition/Recruitment Plan" guidance on the Office of Civil Rights Compliance website.

The wording of the advertisement must be clear and concise so that an appropriate candidate pool is obtained.

External Advertising Options:

Required in Advertisement:

  • whether it is a tenure track, non-tenure track or open position
  • all ranks that will be considered
  • a brief description of the position
  • minimal required qualifications
  • application deadline date

The form is electronically routed by the college, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and finally the Office of Civil Rights Compliance.

Following the interviews and recommendation of the final candidate, a Search and Selection Summary should be completed and routed through workflow for approval.

For additional assistance - please reference the Training Manual for Search Committees on Jobs@UIOWA located on the Employee Self-Service website under the Administration tab.

Please note:

  • Elements on the form such as title, rank, salary, dates, etc. must agree with those terms in the offer letter and position as described for the search.
  • The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost reviews the terms of the offer letter to assure compliance with university practices and policies.
  • The CV is reviewed for appropriateness of credentials in relation to the position offered.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements

Waiver Procedures (Recruitment Manual, section VI.J)