The "Faculty Special Titles" database is used to maintain special titles like endowed chairs and Department Executive Officer (DEO) information for faculty within each college.  It is the authoritative source for populating faculty-related information for the General Catalog, Institutional Roles, and other campus reports. 

It is essential this database is accurate and complete.  Faculty HR Representatives are responsible for maintaining the database. Access to the database can be found in Employee Self Service and the report can be exported to Excel.

Follow these steps to add/edit special titles or DEO information for a faculty member:

  1. Log in to Employee Self Service
  2. Select Human Resources Systems
  3. Under HR Online Update Tools, select Faculty Special Titles
  4. Use one of the fields on the screen to find the faculty member
  5. Choose a faculty member from the list and select "Continue"
  6. The "Manage Special Faculty Titles" screen will allow you to manage a faculty member's record. Select "Show" to edit a current title, "Add" to enter a new title, or "History" to view a previous title.
  7. The "Publish" option will allow the special title information for "Endowed" positions to be published in the online University Directory and the "DEO" information to be published in the faculty section of the UI General Catalog.

 Follow these steps to search Special Titles by Employee or Org/Department:

  1. Log in to Employee Self Service
  2. Select Human Resources Systems/HR Reports/Faculty Status Reports/Faculty Special Titles
  3. Select either "Special Titles by Employee" or "Special Titles by Org/Dept"
  4. This report will allow you to review Faculty Special Titles by Employee or Org/Department

All collegiate Faculty HR Reps have access to this database.

For questions regarding the Special Titles database and report, please email