Post-Tenure Effort Allocation Policy (PTEAP) Database

  • In accordance with the University's Post-tenure Effort Allocation Policy, each spring (late fall for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) DEOs and each of their tenured faculty members must agree upon a planned allocation of effort (among teaching, research, service, and clinical service) for the following academic year. DEOs or their departmental administrative assistants must record this plan online, via the Office of the Provost PTEAP web application. If the effort allocation does not fall within "unit norms," a brief explanation must be included in the faculty member's record.
  • For: DEOs and departmental administrators entering tenured faculty portfolio information; collegiate administrators tracking compliance.
  • PTEAP Information and Instructions
  • Contact: Alaina Hanson or Ann Howard
  • Available in Self Service: Human Resources Systems/Faculty Admin Center/Post-tenure Effort Allocation (PTEAP)

Professional Development Award Application

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