• Renewing the Iowa Promise

    The University of Iowa’s strategic plan, “Renewing The Iowa Promise,” sets high expectations and guides the university to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to meet developing challenges. 

    Renewing The Iowa Promise
    The "four pillars" of Renewing the Iowa Promise: the UI strategic plan for 2010-2016
  • The Iowa Promise
    Student Success

    The University of Iowa is committed to providing programs, resources, and opportunities to help undergraduate, graduate, and professional students succeed in school and after graduation.

    Students participating in the OnIowa! orientation program
    OnIowa! student leader Mike Gillette starts a rock/paper/scissors tournament icebreaker with his small group
  • The Iowa Promise
    Knowledge and Practice

    Researchers, scholars, and artists at the University of Iowa are working across disciplines to address “grand challenges” that Iowa and the world face today.  

    Faculty in the Water Sustainability Cluster
    Faculty affiliates in the Water Sustainabilty Cluster: left to right, Craig Just, Eric Tate, David Cwiertny, Adam Ward. Photo by Jim Heemstra.
  • The Iowa Promise
    New Frontiers in the Arts

    While rebuilding the arts campus that was devastated by the flood of 2008, the University of Iowa is re-imagining arts education, presentation, and performance for the 21st century.

    Illustration of the new Hancher
    Illustration of the new Hancher Auditorium
  • The Iowa Promise
    Better Futures for Iowans

    Working with community partners across the state, University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students contribute to Iowa’s economic and cultural vitality and help to improve the health and quality of life of Iowans.

    Barbara Baquero
    College of Public Health faculty member Barbara Baquero is building connections to improve the health of rural communities, with a focus on Iowa’s growing Latino population.

Faculty Accomplishments

A team of faculty members affiliated with the University of Iowa’s DeLTA Center has been awarded a $5.77 million grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to study a critical component of cognitive development known as categorization.