University of Iowa statement on academic freedom

The advancement and dissemination of knowledge is the core function of public higher education. As Iowa’s public flagship, the freedom of faculty to do that is protected through policies adopted by the Iowa Board of Regents and the University of Iowa.

Applying equally to all faculty members, regardless of position or rank (e.g., tenure-track, clinical-track, instructional-track, research-track), these policies support your freedom to discuss matters relating to your instructional and scholarly activities, even if some may disagree or even disapprove of your

Iowa Board of Regents policy 3.10 (A) provides the following clarity: “University teachers shall be entitled to academic freedom in the classroom in discussing the teachers’ course subject, but shall not introduce into the teaching controversial matters that have no relation to the subject.”

The same is true for the research and creative endeavors as spelled out by Iowa Board of Regents policy 3.10 (B): “Universities shall uphold the principle of academic freedom in their research and creative endeavors and support full freedom, within the law, of expressions in research investigation and dissemination of results through presentation, performance, and publication.”

As the university vigorously supports your intellectual freedom, we ask that you continually dedicate yourselves to the responsibilities that come with that freedom.

The university is committed to the quest for knowledge and understanding, wherever it may lead, and to report and discuss the findings, whatever they may be.

If you have any questions about these policies or are uncertain about your rights or the rights of your students, please consult with your department head or the Office of the Provost.