Collegiate Deans

Daniel Clay, dean, College of Education

Daniel L. Clay

Dean, College of Education

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J. Brooks Jackson, vice president for medical affairs and dean, Carver College of Medicine

J. Brooks Jackson

Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean, Carver College of Medicine

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Amy Kristof-Brown, dean, Tippie College of Business

Amy Kristof-Brown

Dean, Tippie College of Business

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Donald E. Letendre, dean, College of Pharmacy

Donald E. Letendre

Dean, College of Pharmacy

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Harriet Nembhard, dean, College of Engineering

Harriet B. Nembhard

Dean, College of Engineering

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Edith Parker, dean, College of Public Health

Edith Parker

Dean, College of Public Health

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Sara Sanders, interim dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sara Sanders

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Clark Stanford

Clark Stanford

Dean, College of Dentistry

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Amanda Thein

Amanda Haertling Thein

Dean, Graduate College

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Tanya Uden-Holman, associate provost for undergraduate education and dean of University College

Tanya Uden-Holman

Dean, University College

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Kevin Washburn, dean, College of Law

Kevin Washburn

Dean, College of Law

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Julie Zerwic, dean, College of Nursing

Julie Zerwic

Dean, College of Nursing

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Other Academic Unit Leaders

John P. Culshaw, university librarian

John P. Culshaw

University Librarian

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Russell Ganim, associate provost and dean of International Programs

Russell Ganim

Dean, International Programs

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Lauren Lessing, executive director, Stanley Museum of Art

Lauren Lessing

Executive Director, Stanley Museum of Art

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