DEO Workshops and Conversations with Campus Leaders


Sep 4, 2024
8–9:30 am
Leading Through the Faculty Career Life CycleDEOsUnderstand UI faculty tracks, ranks, distribution, and demographics; Map your unit faculty; Manage opportunities and challenges related to the faculty career life cycleMapping your departmental faculty
Sep 25, 2024
8–9 am
Conversation with Academic LeadershipDEOsKevin Kregel, executive vice president and provost 
Oct 15, 2024
8–9 am
Conversation with Communication LeadershipDEOsJeneane Beck, assistant vice president for external relations
Maria Lukas, deputy general counsel
Oct 30, 2024
8–9 am
Conversation with Research LeadershipDEOsOffice of Vice President for Research 
Nov 13, 2024
8–9:30 am
Care for Yourself and OthersDEOsRecognize the difference between stress and anxiety; Reframe how we talk about emotions; Develop strategies for resilience 
Dec 5, 2024
9:30–11 am
Collaborative Leadership: Enhancing Faculty Decision Making Through DialogueDEOsCreate a welcoming and inclusive faculty culture; Practice participatory decision making; Collaborate for effective problem solving 
Jan 29, 2025
8–9:30 am
Conducting Annual ReviewsDEOsReframe the purpose of the annual review; Articulate the annual review process; Establish clear expectations for faculty participation; Document outcomes  
Feb 12, 2025
8–9 am
Conversation with Finance LeadershipDEOsTerry Johnson, university chief financial officer and treasurer
Don Szeszycki, associate vice president and director of administration and planning
Mar 5, 2025
10–11 am
Conversation with Student Affairs LeadershipDEOsSarah Hansen, vice president for student life
Angie Reams, dean of students
Apr 9, 2025
8–9 am
Managing Up, Down, and SidewaysDEOsUtilize tools to accomplish the functions of management; Discover authentic ways to practice leadership; Craft leadership strategies and vision 
Apr 30, 2025
8–9:30 am
Meeting ManagementDEOsManage settings; develop criteria for when to meet; reframe agenda as questions to be answered. 

Iowa Academic Leadership Academy

The Iowa Academic Leadership Academy (IALA) is designed to assist new or aspiring leaders (e.g., DEOs, program directors, associate deans) in making a successful transition to these key campus leadership roles. The program is designed to be complementary to collegiate support for leaders. Competency-based content will be delivered via small cohorts and one-on-one mentoring tailored to individual needs and goals. There will also be an opportunity to meet and learn from key institutional leaders.

Program participants will experience:

  • Competency-based curriculum built upon national models and research
  • Cross-college cohort interactions with other leaders to discuss topics and challenges
  • Self-guided learning carried out in confidential one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Access to key resources, both people and tools, to assist with leadership issues as they emerge
  • Networking opportunities with seasoned campus leaders

Nominations for participation in the cohort must be submitted through collegiate deans and associate deans for faculty. Call for nominations will be sent late April/early May.

Competency-based Curriculum

The program includes content that will address: the transition to a new role, basic management skills, development of skills to successfully lead others, and development of a vision for your department and for yourself.

Group Sessions:

  • Making the Transition to Leadership
  • Managing Data
  • Managing People
  • Managing Culture
  • Department Action Plan Development
  • Individual Action Plan Development

Executive Coaching Sessions

Participants meet one-on-one with trained Organizational Effectiveness leadership coaches to clarify individual goals and develop tailored learning objectives.

Mentorship Programming

Teaming with a seasoned academic leader for one-on-one mentoring to discuss personal and professional goals as a leader and how to achieve those goals.

Networking Opportunities

Participants will develop cross-college cohort interactions with other leaders to discuss topics and challenges; network with seasoned campus leaders; and gain access to key resources, both people and tools, to assist with leadership issues as they emerge.

Big Ten Academic Alliance Leadership Development Opportunities

The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) offers a comprehensive range of leadership development programs designed for faculty and higher education administrators, bringing perspectives that are unique to individuals from large R1 universities. 

BTAA Academic Leadership Program (ALP)

BTAA Department Executive Officer (DEO) Seminars

BTAA Deans Leadership Program (DLP)

Deans, Directors, DEO Listserv

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