The Regent universities (the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa) submit to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, an annual governance report on faculty tenure.

The Board Office posts its write-up of the latest (April 2023) reports submitted by the three Regent universities on its web site.

The detailed tables prepared for the University of Iowa's latest tenure reports are available here:

Tenure Report 2023 Tables (based on November 1, 2023 data)

Tenure Report 2022 Tables (based on November 1, 2022 data)

Tenure Report 2021 Tables (based on November 1, 2021 data)

Tenure Report 2020 Tables (based on November 1, 2020 data)

Tenure Report 2019 Tables (based on November 1, 2019 data)

Tenure Report 2018 Tables (based on November 1, 2018 data)

Tenure Report 2017 Tables (based on November 1, 2017 data)

Tenure Report 2016 Tables (based on November 1, 2016 data)

Tenure Report 2015 Tables (based on November 1, 2015 data)

Tenure Report 2014 Tables (based on November 1, 2014 data)

Tenure Report 2013 Tables (based on November 1, 2013 data)

Tenure Report 2012 Tables (based on November 1, 2012 data)