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Biennial Drug Free Workplace and Campus Act Report Employee Assistance Program and Kim Carter
Faculty Activity Report Kris Yows/Kim Carter
Faculty Resignations Report Ann Howard
Professional Development Award Requests and Reports Kim Carter
Tenure Report Ann Howard

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Associate Deans for Faculty Group Kim Carter
Faculty HR Representatives Committee Alaina Hanson

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Center and Institute Reviews Kim Carter
Collegiate Reviews Lois Geist/Kim Carter
Decanal Reviews Lois Geist/Kim Carter

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BTAA Academic Leadership Program (BTAA-ALP) Kim Carter
BTAA Dean Leadership Program (BTAA-DLP) Kim Carter
BTAA Departmental Executive Officer Program (BTAA-DEO) Kim Carter
Build a Career | Build a Life Kim Carter
DEO Leadership Program Kim Carter
Faculty Development Workshops Kim Carter
Iowa New Faculty Orientation (INFO) Kim Carter
Website Revisions (Faculty) Kim Carter

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Annual Reviews of Probationary Faculty and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Alaina Hanson
Degree Verification Ann Howard
Emeritus Faculty Council Ann Howard
Exit Surveys Alaina Hanson
Extensions of Tenure Clock Alaina Hanson
Faculty Admin Center Alaina Hanson
Faculty Handbook Updates Alaina Hanson/Kim Carter
Faculty HR Representatives Committee Alaina Hanson
Faculty Personnel Records Ann Howard
Faculty Search Committee Training and Support (Path to Distinction) Jan Waterhouse, HR
Faculty Search Request to Interview Office of Institutional Equity
Faculty Status Report (PeopleSoft) Ann Howard
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Alaina Hanson
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Faculty and Staff Disability Services
General Catalog (Faculty Section) Ann Howard
Gun Permit Applications (Faculty) Ann Howard
Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)  Adam Potter, UHR
Leaves of Absence With or Without Pay Alaina Hanson
Offer Letter Development Alaina Hanson
Personnel Register Alaina Hanson
Phased Retirement Alaina Hanson
Post-tenure Effort Allocation Policy (PTEAP) Ann Howard
Promotion and Tenure Process Lois Geist
Review of Tenured Faculty Members - Annual and Five-Year Alaina Hanson
Search and Selection Summary (Faculty) Alaina Hanson
Special Compensation Alaina Hanson
Special Titles Database (e.g, DEO, Named Faculty Positions) Ann Howard
Summer and Winter Compensation Ann Howard
Termination Forms Ann Howard
Workflow Transaction System (Faculty) Alaina Hanson