Faculty fellowships have been named in honor of distinguished UI faculty. These awards provide an opportunity for other scholars to contribute to the fields of study in which these distinguished faculty are most clearly recognized. There are two such awards and they are awarded in alternate years.

  • The May Brodbeck Humanities Fellowship is a competitive award designed to encourage and support the study of language, linguistics, literature, philosophy, history, jurisprudence, criticism, and theory of the arts as well as humanistic aspects of the natural and social sciences.  The Brodbeck Humanities Fellowship is awarded in the fall of even-numbered years (e.g., 2012, 2014) for use in the subsequent fiscal year (e.g., 2013-14).
  • The James Van Allen Natural Sciences Fellowship is a competitive award designed to encourage and support scholarly work in the physical, natural, and mathematical sciences.  The Van Allen Natural Science Fellowship is awarded in the fall of odd-numbered years (e.g., 2013, 2015) for use in the subsequent fiscal year (e.g., 2014-15).

Each fellowship provides the recipient a stipend of $15,000 that can be used in any of the following ways:

  1. As a stipend for developmental activities conducted during the summer.
  2. To appoint a graduate research assistant to facilitate the recipient's scholarly activities during the academic year or some portion thereof.
  3. To reimburse a graduate teaching assistant or visiting faculty member for instructional activities that ordinarily would be the responsibility of the award recipient, during the summer or during a period of the academic year, thereby increasing the amount of time the recipient can devote to developmental activities.
  4. To obtain materials, supplies, and equipment or to support travel related to the proposed developmental activities.
  5. Any combination of the above.

The proposed use of the stipend must be identified and justified at the time the application is submitted and must be approved by the applicant's DEO and dean. The stipend must be expended during the fiscal year following receipt of the award. If the stipend is used as salary for the faculty member, graduate research assistant or replacement instructor, taxes and fringe benefits also will be paid form the award. The developmental activity supported by these fellowships can take any of a variety of forms including research, artistic creation, professional writing, conference or workshop development, or scholarly activity of significant and promising quality.

  1. Tenure or Clinical Track assistant, associate, and full professors with part or full time appointments are eligible to apply for a faculty fellowship.
  2. No faculty member may receive any one fellowship more than once.

  1. Application form. See the instructions on the Apply for an Award page.
  2. Criteria. Applications are evaluated against the General Criteria for Evaluating Faculty Developmental Activities listed under General Principles. Faculty members should consult these criteria when preparing their applications.
  3. Departmental and collegiate support. The DEO and/or dean must submit a statement evaluating the quality of the proposal and detailing how the proposed project will contribute to the scholarship of the field, the quality of the department, and the strategic plans of the department, college, and University.
  4. Selection process. Following review and evaluation of proposals by a committee of distinguished faculty, applicants are notified by the Provost as to whether or not their proposal was approved. If an application for a faculty fellowship is not approved, the Office of the Provost, upon request, will explain the reasons to the applicant, the DEO, and the relevant dean.


A faculty fellowship may not be held simultaneously with any other UI developmental award. It may, however, be immediately preceded or followed by such an award.

Service requirements

A faculty fellowship has no effect on the recipient's service requirements for career development awards, Faculty Scholar or Global Scholar awards.

Required Report

A final report on the faculty development awards activity must be submitted within two months following the completion of the fellowship.  See the Report on an Award page for detailed instructions, and note the deadlines for submitting reports.  A copy of this report should be kept by the faculty member and used for subsequent developmental applications that require information about University-supported activities.

James Van Allen Natural Sciences Fellowship May Brodbeck Humanities Fellowship
2000-2001: Weimin Han, Mathematics 2003-2004: Lauren Rabinovitz, American Studies and Cinema & Comparative Literature
2004-2005: Vicki Grassian, Chemistry 2005-2006: William D. Davies
2006-2007: Michael Flatte, Physics & Astronomy 2007-2008: Colin Gordon, History
2008-2009: Lihe Wang, Mathematics 2010-2011: Waltraud Maierhofer, German
2011-2012: Ann Budd, Geoscience  2011-2012: Carin Green, Classics
2012-2013: Jane Nachtman, Physics & Astronomy 2013-2014: Phillip Round, English
2014-2015: Markus Wohlgenannt, Physics & Astronomy 2015-2016: Mariola Espinosa, History
2016-2017: John Prineas, Physics & Astronomy 2017-2018: Kathleen Newman, Spanish and Portuguese
2018-2019: Elizabeth Stone, Chemistry 2019-2020: Lea Vandervelde, Law
2020-2021: Andrew Forbes, Biology 2021-2022: Katrina Sanders, Educational Policy & Leadership Studies