Our Mission and Guiding Principles

Office of the Provost Human Resources Team:

To support, equip, and empower our faculty, staff, and students in a way that is positiveproactive and progressive.  We focus our key resources on developing, retaining, and promoting a talented and diverse workforce.  By fostering a culture of trust, implementing innovative programs, efficient processes, and bolstering employee engagement, we strive to strengthen our quality campus environment, which furthers the mission and vision of the University of Iowa as a whole.

University Human Resources:

Human Resources provides leadership in shaping an inclusive culture that drives excellence and innovation by supporting talentengagement, and the employee work experience.
The "HR for Staff - Office of the Executive VP and Provost/University College" web pages were created and managed by the Org HR team.  They are designed for employees within the departments under the Orgs 02 & 35 umbrella, intended to serve as a resource, provide Org specific info and processes related to HR, as well as direct staff to other appropriate HR sites. It is not intended to replace UI-wide policies or procedures.
Reach out to any member of our HR team for further assistance and specific questions.
Amy Kirkey picture

Amy Kirkey

Senior HR Director
Typical Schedule

On-site: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Remote: Tuesday, Thursday

Typical Schedule

On-site: Monday, Wednesday

Remote: Tuesday, Thursday

4 day workweek, out Friday


Typical Schedule

On-site: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Remote: Monday, Wednesday

Alexa Lavin professional picture

Alexa Lavin, BBA

HR Associate
Typical Schedule

On-site: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Remote: Thursday, Friday