There are generally two types of career development options available for P&S staff: advancement and promotion (see below).

Your departmental HR Rep can guide you through the process, including determining the best route, how to complete the required form, and submitting for approval in workflow. 

*All salary changes become effective the first of the month following approval.  Contact HR several weeks in advance of the preferred effective date to get the process started. 

Additional work, a higher role, or raise are not the only forms of career development. *Consider discussions of stretch goals and expanded duties or scope that are within the current expectations and salary level to provide your employee with motivational challenges, opportunity for growth and build confidence.  If they can meet these goals it also supports a career advancement or promotion in the future.

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Advancement - noun - development or improvement.


A Career advancement is for a staff member who has taken on additional work, responsibility, expanded scope or increased proficiency in an area and is typically deserving of a 1-5% raise, without a change in classification.  Follow the above link for detailed instructions, forms and process and consult with your HR Rep.

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Promotion - noun - activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.


A Career promotion is for a staff member who has increased work responsibility and scope in a way that moves them to be more appropriately classified in a level above their current classification and typically includes a raise of 1-10%. Follow the above link for details instructions, forms and process, then consult with your HR Rep.

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Shift - noun - a slight change in position, direction, or tendency.


Career Shift - when it is determined that the current classification or job family is inaccurate for the work being done and a person should shift (within the same pay level) to a new classification that is more aligned with their primary work.  This typically does not include a raise.  Follow the above link for detailed instructions, forms, process and then consult with your dept. HR Rep.



Adjustment - noun - a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.


In some cases, a position may be eligible for a market adjustment. There are several situations/reasons that warrant a market adjustment including bringing an employee in line with competitive salaries in the University and/or amongst peers or addressing apparent disparities in compensation amongst similarly qualified candidates. Contact your HR Rep to discuss.