There are many types of recognition for your outstanding employees.  Research shows that employees have different individual needs and preferences for how they like to receive recognition.  The best way to show your appreciation is to find out what it is that your deserving employee(s) want and try to select something in that type.

There are two common ways (below) to reward staff monetarily, outside of the career development process.

Give a High Five!

Submit a "High Five" for a staff member who has had a positive impact on you. Recognize staff for what they've done well and why you appreciate them. Our HR team will send them an individual certificate with your note and they may be highlighted for their great work here!

High Five Highlights!

Annette Beck

Ron Kral

Mark Hamilton

High Five Highlights Continued...

Susan Dickinson

Hannah Krug

Classroom Scheduling Team

Exceptional Performance Award

For staff who complete a large or complex, high impact project or take on additional work for an extended period, maintaining performance expectations, a lump sum award of up to 10% of their base salary can be provided up to 2 times per fiscal year, 6 months apart.


Complete this form and send to your HR Rep.

SPOT Award

For staff who temporarily take on additional work or go above and beyond during a time of departmental need, a lump sum of up to $200 net ($311.30 with fringe), can be awarded up to 6 times per fiscal years, 30 days apart.


Complete this form and send to your HR Rep.

Other Rewards and Recognition

View the Provost Reward and Recognition Policy for more info on what is approved, typical and required for various situations.

Check out the Rewards and Recognition - HR Resources which include these opportunities:

  • Campus Awards
  • Staff Appreciation Grants
  • Program Creation

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