The Highly Prestigious Faculty Award Investiture honors University of Iowa faculty who have been recognized with a highly prestigious award, as designated by the National Research Council (NRC). 

The inaugural event was held on April 25, 2023, celebrating more than 80 current and emeriti faculty members who helped shape the University of Iowa's foundation of excellence and positioned our university for continued success.

Future years will celebrate faculty who are honored with a highly prestigious award over the past calendar year.

Watch the Inaugural Highly Prestigious Faculty Award Investiture

Awards Honored at Highly Prestigious Faculty Award Investiture

National Academies

Membership in the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is one of the highest professional honors, recognizing the work of many of the world's leading scientists, engineers, and health care professionals. 

2023 Honorees

Highly Prestigious Awards

The National Research Council designates more than 100 awards, honors, and recognitions from a wide range of disciplines as highly prestigious. In addition to bringing increased visibility and elevating opportunities for the faculty recipients, these outstanding achievements are tracked by the AAU as a metric for institutional membership.

2023 Honorees