Operations Manual §22 – Paid Absences

All academic-year faculty members will submit sick leave online monthly.

How to Report: You will access the reporting form through the Self-Service Website hris.uiowa.edu/portal. After you have signed in with your HawkID, you will go to the main screen, where the link for reporting sick leave is labeled "Employee Time Records."

If you Took No Leave: You must submit a monthly time record even if you have no sick leave to report. Click on the first month for which you are reporting, and then "Submit to Human Resources."

Reminders: Each month you will receive an e-mail reminder if you have not yet reported your sick leave for the previous month. You will continue to receive these reminders regularly until you have completed the report.

Help: If you have questions about what you are required to report, what kind of sick leave to report, or any other questions about sick leave reporting, please contact your Collegiate Faculty HR Representative.

A Few Key Provisions:

For the payment of sick leave benefits, faculty members are considered to be "on duty" five days per week, eight hours a day, even though their classes may be scheduled on more or fewer than five days per week.

Absences which can be charged to family caregiving leave under current policies are limited to a maximum of 10 days per calendar year for full time employee (provided the employee has a sufficient sick leave balance). Any absence in excess of this amount must be reported as leave of absence without pay.

Where funeral leave is authorized by current policy, accumulated sick leave may be used not to exceed 3 days for each occurrence. An additional two days of vacation may also be used by fiscal year faculty who accrue vacation. Sick leave used to serve as a pallbearer may not exceed 1 day for each occurrence.

Sick leave may be used because of a medically-related disability in most circumstances.

Additional guidelines for faculty: The University understands that faculty members work in a flexible and highly varied employment environment. In order to accommodate this flexibility and at the same time apply the policy with some uniformity across faculty with very different work
portfolios, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. Absences should be reported if they involve missing a class, faculty or committee meeting, or any other University-based obligation, even if rescheduled or covered by someone else.
  2. Absences of less than half a day that do not involve missing a class, faculty or committee meeting do not need to be reported.