Have work at an undergraduate level that you'd like to hire current students for?

Have temporary funding and need to hire some professional help?

Have a vacancy and need temporary help while you hire or create a hiring plan?

Have ongoing temporary work (under 50% or less than one year)?

We can hire students and temporary professional staff to fill those and other needs! 

Temporary Hiring Options

(Student Employment Info/Student Employment Administration)

*Hannah Dobrowski, HR Coordinator, manages all student and temp appointment for our Orgs.

Current UofI students can be hired as employees on campus for student level work and at a corresponding wage, based on dept. need and budget.

For depts. that are low on funds for paying students, hiring students who receive work-study through financial aid that supplements depts. with paying that student employee's wages may be best.  Students who are approved for work-study aid receive an award (up to $2500 per semester), available on a semester basis, that will pay 50% of the hourly wage up to $12.00/hour, *until the award is exhausted each semester. 

  • Draft a position description, including: job duties, preferred qualifications, wages, # of hours and schedule, and how to apply.
  • Post your job on Handshake or contact Hannah Dobrowski for assistance advertising and sourcing. (Posting is not required if you have a student in mind.)
  • Interview and select the student(s). (This is not highly monitored. We are happy to provide guidance and resources. Please reach out for help with questions, evaluation etc.
  • Send hiring decision and appt info to HR (Hannah) at least one week prior to start dateAppt Info Form.  HR  will help fill in any missing details and draft the offer letter.
  • Return the signed offer letter to HR and plan for the student to complete the Federal I9 form with her, in person, on or before their first day of work.
    • All paid staff must complete a Federal I9 with HR. There are 2 sections (below).
    • Part 1 - demographics, on or before day one of paid work
    • Part 2 - original, required, acceptable documentseither one from column A OR one from both columns B and C.
  • HR will set up the appt and finalize and remaining items.  

Communication with HR prior to the start of any work being done and the end of student employment is very important. (Plus, we like hearing from you!)

(*Current non-UI students can also be appointed as student employees either during the summer or during the AY with appropriate enrollment status confirmation from another institution.)

In the interest of a great hire and employee experience, best practice is to go through a similar process with searching and selecting a temporary employee however, not all the same requirements apply.  

  • If you need to source a candidate, we have a temporary jobs tab of the UI jobs.uiowa.edu website where any positions that may/will hire an external candidate (not current student, not recent paid employee in last 24 months) for at least three days (state law related to VEVRAA). 
    • HR will need the general position information for the posting including job duties, wages/compensation, hours/schedule, required and desired qualifications, application method and deadline, and contact info. 
    • HR can also do additional external posting at online job boards (budget allowing for cost sites) or niche listservs etc. in addition to dept contacts reaching out to their networks. 
  • The hiring manager and/or HR can set up interviews with qualified candidates. HR is happy to be a resource and assist with interview scheduling, question creation, evaluation forms, and consultation.
  • Best practice is to consider all who apply and document reasons for non-interview and non-selection.
  • Once a candidate is selected for hire, complete and send the Appointment Info Form to HR and we will draft an offer letter.
  • When the signed offer letter is received we will coordinate the Federal I9 form (see notes on I9 above) and process the appointment items.
A few key temporary appointment considerations:
  • Temp staff working an average of 50% or more can be appointed up to one year. At that time they must end their appt or reduce to under 50% time.
  • Temp staff working an average of under 50% can be appointed indefinitely.
  • An appropriate P&S classification should be selected, only using the misc. P&S job code (PZ01 or PZ03) when a normal P&S classification is not available, and requires the employee be paid the corresponding pay level minimum.
  • There is a temp posting requirement for any job that hires an external candidate, posted on the Iowa Workforce Development (IWD), for at least three days, per state law.  See the Temp Appointment Info website above for definition of internal vs. external candidate.

*If you currently have someone that needs payment or an appointment set-up you can complete this quick intake form.

Contact your HR Rep for questions and considerations in hiring temporary Merit staff.