If you're ready to start the process and have your recruiter reach out, please fill out this search intake form.

Search/Recruiting Details

  • Recruiting process diagram - includes links to resource sites:

  • Recruiting checklist for search members, full description of process and steps (not required, use as a reference, to track steps). 

  • Consider and discuss unconscious and implicit bias  (bias literacy) and the use of social media in searches. (see pg 11 of this)

  • Competencies– Universal competencies,proficiency levels, development of competencies and how to view competencies. These are used in the LJD and in writing the qualification descriptions. 

  • Search & Selection Orientation - ICON course (#WEOD01). This course is designed to provide an overview of UIs faculty/Professional& Scientific Recruitment and Selection process. Note: some updates are still pending regarding the switch to the Online Talent Acquisition Cloud recruiting system.  Enroll through My Training in Self Service.

  • Recruitment Manual  A how-to, step by step guide. Your HR Rep-Recruiter will also guide you through this process. 

  • Contact your department HR Rep 

  • Review the current department needs 

  • Create or edit a local job description (LJD) (See HR for template) 

  • Consider the following:

    • What is the hiring budget for this position?  We want to advertise realistically so putting a min or max compensation amount instead of listing base to commensurate is ideal.  Reference classifications and pay levels.

    • Who is the hiring manager? Are they also the search chair? This person will work with the recruiter, in most searches, to complete the majority of the recruiting steps together.

    • Who will assist in the search (content expert, assistant, interviewers)? To avoid excess time spent my multiple staff, be strategic and only include necessary roles at each recruitment step.

    • What training or discussions would be useful, before, during and after the search?

    • Where would you like to advertise externally?  Please share listserv and non-traditional plans with your recruiter.  Is this a position that would benefit from social media screening? (see policy)

    • What might the ideal hire look like? Ideal interview components (i.e. formal questions, informal meetings, presentation)? 

    • What is the best way to evaluate at each step?  HR will provide guidance and examples for screening, interview and selection evaluation.

In rare instances, requesting a search waiver may be an appropriate route to take to fill a vacancy when a viable candidate is already identified.  This usually requires a unique set of skills and qualifications for a particular position or sometimes a dual-career connection on campus.  Contact your HR Rep to discuss the options and request requirements (must be approved by EOD). 

*See positions currently advertising in Org 02 and 35

So the candidate has accepted the offer, NOW WHAT?

The University and surrounding area have many resources to assist in the transition, relocation and onboarding of new employees.


Plan a Visit to Scope Out the Area and Get Familiar

Think Iowa City

Check out this customizable Visitor's Guide

Relocation Information

Digital Relocation Guide including realtors from ICR Iowa. 

Travel Resources

Iowa City is about 300 miles from Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Kansas City.

Traveling by plane: Airports near campus include:

Traveling by bus: Call the Iowa City depot at 319-337-2127 for complete ground transportation options (ask about student discounts!). Transportation providers include:


They're Here...TIME TO ONBOARD!

UI Onboarding Info and Resources

New Employee Checklist

Onboarding Toolkit

Virtual Onboarding Tips

Succession planning is also part of the recruitment process.  This is ideally built into the practices in a unit, supporting easy transfer of information through a collaborative, visible working document for employee development plans.  Good succession planning should promote awareness of career opportunities and give guidance on enhancing both core and leadership competencies needed for employees to advance.  It identifies goals and resource needs for the employee and unit.  *Your HR Rep is prepared and happy to assist in this process.
You can get a free workplace consultation through Organizational Development.