All faculty HR forms are available within the UI Self-Service site.

Reference Tables

Effective Dates

Appointment dates should correspond to the offer letter. For academic year appointments, dates should correspond to the UI Payroll Academic Year Working Day Calendar.

  • The UI payroll system is not built to accommodate the academic year appointments. Any appointment that is entered mid-month gets entered into the UI system as if it began on the first of the month.
    • Example: Academic year faculty begin mid-August – that is what their offer letters and appointment form should state. However, when you look them up in HR Reports they are entered as if they began 8/1. Payroll then posts an adjustment to the system to calculate the correct compensation.

Percent of Effort

Always check the faculty member's current active appointments located within HR Report to determine if the faculty member has any other appointments that may conflict.

  • The total of a faculty member's current appointments can not exceed 100%.
  • A faculty member can hold only one faculty rank so any secondary appointment must be at the same rank as the primary.


Please be sure to use the remarks section to clarify any unique things about the form to help eliminate confusion as the form is routed thru workflow.


There are several forms that are pulled into HR electronically when they are finalized (appointment, leave without pay, termination and transfer). Therefore, after the initiator has finalized the form, it is downloaded into central HR. Any changes made during the routing process are updated once the form is complete through workflow. During times of high volume this may take several days. Because of this, payment to employees may start or stop based on the preliminary form.