When making a faculty appointment, determine the jobcode by combining faculty status and rank according to the information below.

The status and rank in the offer letter must reflect the jobcode used on the HR transaction workflow form.


  • Tenure-Track - use with ranks FS11-13
  • Tenured - use with ranks FT11-12
  • Clinical -Track - use with ranks FQ11-13
  • Research-Track - use with ranks FR11-13
  • Instructional Faculty Track - use with the ranks listed below:  
    • FN13 (Assistant Professor of Instruction)
    • FN12 (Associate Professor of Instruction)
    • FN11 (Professor of Instruction)
    • FB13 (Assistant Professor of Practice)
    • FB12 (Associate Professor of Practice)
    • FB11 (Professor of Practice)
  • Emeritus - use with ranks FE11-14

  • Adjunct - use with ranks FA11-14
  • Visitor use with ranks FV11-14
  • Instructor - use with code FH14
Jobcode Rank
F_11 Professor
F_12 Associate Professor
F_13 Assistant Professor
F_14 Instructor