All UI academic courses will either be taught or supervised by a member of the UI faculty. To ensure this, the MAUI system restricts Primary Instructor status to employees listed as having an active appointment within the UI HR System. If a non-faculty or TA is entered as Primary Instructor, someone with a qualifying faculty appointment must be entered into the Course Supervisor field (see Faculty Appointment for a list of those eligible to be primary instructors). Faculty status is not required for the Team Teacher, Teaching Assistant, or Course Supervisor (when a faculty member is listed as Primary Instructor).

Currently, departments directly enter names into the MAUI system to identify the instructors of record for academic courses. Types of instructors of record include:

  • Primary Instructor
  • Team Teacher
  • Course Supervisor
  • Teaching Assistant

The Primary Instructor field identifies the person most responsible for course instruction and is also used by multiple offices to determine:

  • Course load to factor faculty percentage effort (departmental/colleges)
  • Contact person for student inquiries (visible on ICON screen)
  • Instructor of record (Registrar)

Every academic course section must have one and only one Primary Instructor but may have as many other kinds of instructors as a department chooses. Each instructor designation carries with it certain privileges and responsibilities, including access to specific student records, ICON access, and responsibility to complete FERPA training to access specific student data.

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Last updated 1/18/23