The Lola Lopes Award for Undergraduate Student Advocacy, given annually by the Office of the Provost, honors University of Iowa administrators and staff who support undergraduate education and who serve as strong, effective advocates for undergraduate students.

The recipient of the award receives a $1,000 honorarium and a certificate, and their name is added to a plaque displayed prominently in the Admission Visitors Center where prospective students and parents can see the importance we place on undergraduate students and their educational experience. The recipient is announced in the spring semester and the award is presented in April.

Eligibility for Award:

  • UI current administrators, staff, and faculty in a non-teaching role are eligible for the Award.

Who May Nominate:

  • Any current UI student or faculty or staff member may make a nomination.


  • Nominations must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on MondayFebruary 19, 2024.

Nomination Materials:

To nominate a person for this award, please fill out the online nomination form.  Include (by uploading via the online form) the following supporting materials:

  1. Nomination letter briefly describing the nominee’s efforts, achievements and distinction that make the nominee an especially effective advocate for undergraduate students. The letter should address the following questions:
    • How has the nominee demonstrated excellence in service to undergraduate students?
    • What evidence is there that the impact of the nominee's work has reached many undergraduate students and/or affected a smaller number of undergraduate students deeply?
    • How has the nominee's work supported student success?
    • How has the nominee been an advocate for undergraduate students?
  2. Two letters of support addressing specific ways in which the nominee has supported undergraduate education and served as a strong and effective advocate for undergraduate students. Letters of support are limited to two pages for each letter. Please note: No more than two letters will be accepted.

Be sure to provide the name of the nominee's department head.  The department head will be asked to submit their endorsement of the nomination.

A committee of five persons composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and one student will review the nominations according to the criteria outlined in the nominating materials (above). The committee is composed of:

  • One staff member from the offices that report to the associate provost for undergraduate education (designated by the associate provost for undergraduate education)
  • One staff member from the offices that report to the vice president for student life (designated by the vice president for student life)
  • One faculty member (designated by the Faculty Senate president)
  • One undergraduate student (designated by the UISG president)
  • The associate provost for undergraduate education

  • Nominations due: by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 19, 2024
  • Recipient announced in spring 2024 and award presented in April 2024