The Old Gold Summer Fellowship (OGSF) is a faculty development program established in 1997 by the Office of the Provost that provides new probationary tenure-track assistant and associate professors who have nine-month appointments funding for summer work on an approved developmental project within the first three years of their appointment.

OGSF recipients must commit to the equivalent of a minimum of one summer month of full-time work on their projects. Each OGSF is expected to result in at least one product of publication, exhibit, performance, or instructional use. Nine month faculty members may not receive more than two additional months of salary (including the OGSF) during the summer (e.g., OGSF recipients may teach or receive grant funds for one additional month of summer salary, but faculty members who receive two months of salary funding from teaching, grants, or other activities are not eligible for the OGSF). Any faculty member who accepts an OGSF is expected to return to her/his regular duties at the University for the following fall semester.

Eligible faculty members should consult their colleges for specific guidelines and information about how to apply.

To process a summer appointment for an academic year faculty teaching over the summer. Old Gold Summer Fellowship should be initiated on a Summer Support Form. Typically identifying the time period as 7/1/XX - 7/31/XX and noting the type of awards in the remarks schedule of the form. For more information regarding summer appointments see Summer Compensation Guidelines