University of Iowa

Faculty HR Administration

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Resources for Faculty contains information about faculty awards and faculty development programs (including development resources for DEOs), as well as a link to the Faculty Handbook.

Policies & Procedures contains information about many faculty-related policies and procedures, including faculty appointment, review, and promotion; faculty compensation; and classroom and research policies.

  • Key Contacts and Resources: Office of the Provost and Collegiate Faculty HR contacts; calendar of events, including development opportunities for faculty and administrators
  • Faculty Recruitment: Procedures and resources for recruiting, hiring, and orienting new faculty
  • Faculty Appointments: Descriptions of faculty classifications, table of faculty rank and status codes, procedures to follow for making an appointment within each classification. 
  • Faculty Reviews: Procedures and best practices for conducting annual reviews of faculty and five-year reviews of tenured faculty
  • Faculty Promotion: Procedures for conducting promotion & tenure reviews of faculty
  • HR Transaction System: Guidelines for processing faculty HR transaction forms from appointment through retirement
  • Academic & Professional Record (APR): the UI APR project allows faculty members to collect curriculum vitae information electronically