Policy on delivery of courses that are required or listed as an option for a major

  • The allocation of General Education Fund (GEF) dollars from the Office of the Provost to collegiate units carries with it the expectation that the units will deliver, without restrictions to students, courses required to complete their degree.
  • Through the internal collegiate budgeting process, colleges have the responsibility to ensure that they can deliver sufficient sections of/seats in courses that are either required or listed as an option for completion of a major.  Collegiate administrations are expected to plan in advance and distribute their GEF funds so as to provide the necessary number of sections and seats at the time of pre-registration.
  • Colleges should make every effort not to restrict course enrollments.  In cases where demand for a given course is high and a department cannot deliver a sufficient number of sections/seats to accommodate all students, the college may restrict enrollment to those students whose majors either require the course or list it as an option.  Course restrictions require approval from the collegiate dean and the Office of the Provost.