What is a Conflict of Interest in the Workplace?

Conflicts of interest in the workplace involve situations in which UI employees have financial interests and/or other personal considerations with a non-university entity that may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, their professional judgment in performing their University duties (e.g., teaching, research, business decision-making).

Who does this policy apply to? 

This policy applies to all University of Iowa employees -- faculty, staff, and student employees, including graduate assistants.  The policy requires that University employees disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest in the workplace in advance of initiating an activity or when the employee, in the exercise of reasonable diligence, first becomes aware of the conflict or the potential for conflict. 

Additionally, the following UI employees are required by policy to complete an Annual Disclosure of Outside Professional Activities and Interests:

  1. All UI employees engaged in research, which is defined as being named as “key personnel” on a UI routing form submitted to either Sponsored Programs or to an Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  2. All UI Health Care employees with 50% or greater appointments, including faculty, P&S and SEIU staff, and Merit Exempt employees.
  3. All UI Faculty and Staff members with 50% or greater appointments in the following categories:
    1. Regular Faculty (tenure-track, tenured, clinical-track, research-track, instructional-track),
    2. P&S staff compensated at Pay Levels 7 and above, and
    3. P&S staff compensated at Pay Level 6 and below who are administrative supervisors.
  4. All University Officials, including:
    1. Administrators with Faculty Appointments (e.g., Associate Provosts, Associate Vice Presidents, DEOs, Directors), and
    2. Institutional Officers (e.g., President, Executive VP & Provost, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Deans, University Librarian).

How do I make a Disclosure in advance of an activity or on an annual basis?

Individual disclosures as situations arise and Annual Disclosure must be made using the eCOI online disclosure system:


For more information, contact:

For faculty-related questions:

Office of the Provost
111 Jessup Hall
Phone:  319.467.4627

For staff-related questions:

University Human Resources
121-10 University Services Building (USB)
Phone:  319-467-4142

For information about addressing potential conflicts of interest in other aspects of the University (e.g., Research, Purchasing, Health Care, Employment), please consult with the respective policies and resources listed here: