The University of Iowa’s minors on campus policy requires all University Youth Programs that include participants under the age of 18 to register with the university. Registration should occur annually and with each change in director.

All University Youth Programs, regardless of location, are governed by the Minors on Campus policy and must register.

Minors on Campus and Related Policies

Please note that all existing and new youth programs are governed by the Youth Programs Policy Manual and Athletics’ youth programs are also governed by the Sports Camps Manual.

Registration and Policy Compliance Links for Youth Program Directors

As part of the registration process, all University Youth Programs are required to submit information about anticipated number of participants, anticipated number of staff, estimated staff to participant ratio, program location, start and end dates of program, and emergency contacts for the program.  

Logging on requires your University of Iowa HawkID and password (not a UIHC ID).

Submission of Participant Data

All University Youth Programs are encouraged to submit participant data for each program when it is available. Data fields required are first name, last name, email address, home address, home city, home state, home zip code, birth date (MM/DD/YYYY), high school graduation year (YYYY), parent/guardian name, and parent/guardian phone number. This information can be uploaded using Excel or CSV file.  

Logging on requires your University of Iowa HawkID and password (not a UIHC ID).

Minors on Campus Advisory Committee

  • Chair, Office of Risk Management – Emily Robnett
  • Office of the Provost – Tanya Uden-Holman
  • Athletics – Josh Berka
  • University Youth Programs – Paul Bellus
  • Office for Vice President for Research - Rich Hichwa
  • Human Resources – Keith Becker
  • Housing & Dining – Carrie Kiser-Wacker

Any questions regarding what programs are covered by this policy should be directed to Emily Robnett, Minors on Campus Advisory Committee chair, at

If you or others in your college/department/unit have questions about this registration process, please contact Director of Youth Programs Paul Bellus at