University of Iowa Engagement Tour

The University of Iowa Engagement Tour is a “listening and learning tour” that gives selected faculty, staff, and administrators the opportunity to spend some time immersed in one region of Iowa. The next trip is scheduled for May 20-22, 2015 and will visit Atlantic, Fort Dodge, and Boone, Iowa.

During the trip, the group visits with constituencies of the university including, but not limited to, community members, alumni, current and prospective students, representatives of educational agencies (both secondary and collegiate), health care professionals, area legislators, and members of the business community.

Through these interactions, participants

  • Learn about the selected area of the state, including the strengths and challenges in the individual communities;
  • Demonstrate to the communities the University of Iowa’s commitment to its mission of service along with teaching and research; and
  • Become informed about the relationships of the University of Iowa with the communities and how these relationships can be enhanced.

The University of Iowa Engagement Tour participants develop a clearer understanding of the cultural, historical, economic and educational underpinnings of the state, and are introduced to the communities from which their students come and in which the state taxpayers live. These insights can be used to enhance their own teaching and research, inform campus communication initiatives, and advise on university outreach initiatives.

The group travels by bus and stays overnight in one or two of the communities, depending on the length of the trip. By traveling and learning together, participants develop friendships and professional connections that can last a lifetime. In addition, the participation from all 11 colleges leads to the discovery of shared interests across disciplines, which might never have been made despite working and living in such close proximity.

Initiated in 2006, during the UI Year of Public Engagement, the program has included tours of all regions of the state. May 2015 will mark the 10th year of The University of Iowa Engagement Tour.

The University of Iowa Engagement Tour is funded by the Office of the Provost and includes all expenses. This opportunity is in partnership with the Provost Office of Outreach and Engagement. For more information contact