The University of Iowa

Mentoring Task Force

In January 2006 the Mentoring Task Force was launched to take a broad look at the status of faculty mentoring at The University of Iowa.

Task Force Charge

  1. Review documented best practices in the literature and from other institutions for mentoring of junior faculty members.
  2. Create a compendium of best practices currently being used by units (colleges, department, and programs) on the University of Iowa campus.
  3. Identify mentoring practices that may be particularly useful to junior faculty members who are women or minorities.
  4. Propose one or two specific, relatively low cost, pilot mentoring programs for implementation on the UI campus.


  • Compendium of best practices for distribution to the campus.
  • One or more pilot projects.

Task Force Membership

  • Usha Mallik, Physics and Astronomy, Co-Chair
  • Susan Johnson, Associate Provost for Faculty, Co-Chair
  • Thomas Casavant, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Ophthalmology
  • Catherine Cole, Marketing
  • Marcus Haack, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
  • Pamela Geyer, Biochemistry
  • Michael Lovaglia, Sociology
  • David Manderscheid, Mathematics
  • Nancy Rosenthal, Pathology
  • Steven Ungar, Cinema and Comparative Literature, and French & Italian
  • Rachel Williams, Art Education