The University of Iowa

Transfer (Form Processing)

A Transfer Form must be initiated whenever a faculty member assumes a University position other than their current one and no break in service will occur. A Transfer form should also be processed when a faculty member changes department and/or college affiliation, changes between tracks (non-tenure, tenure, clinical and research). Please see Emeritus Faculty status  for information on processing emeritus appointments in the HR Transaction system.

Reasons for Transfer

  • Job Change - used with most faculty transfers to show changes in department and/or college affiliation; when moving an employee from a different employee classification (e.g., P&S, Grad Assistant, Post-Doc) to a faculty appointment; when a tenured faculty (FT) member is appointed to a full-time administrative (FM) position (see below for additional information on administrative appointments); and changes between tracks (non-tenure, tenure, clinical, and research). See below for additional information on switching tracks.
  • Interim Appointment - used when a faculty member is appointed to an interim position for a period of time. All interim appointments can be viewed within HR Executive Reports.

Switching Tracks

  • If a faculty member makes a request to their DEO to switch tracks, the Office of the Provost needs the following items to be attached to the transfer form:
    • Documentation of the faculty vote (if transferring to tenure-track)
    • DEO letter of support to the Dean
    • Dean letter of support to the Provost Office
    • Offer Letter
    • CV
    • Written request from the faculty member

Administrative Appointments

 When a tenured faculty (FT) member is appointed to a full-time administrative (FM) position, the department must complete the following steps:

  • Initiate a Transfer form to transfer the FT appointment to a FM appointment, to prevent a lapse in benefits coverage.
  • Initiate a complimentary FT appointment.