The University of Iowa

Tenured Appointments

Tenured (FT11-12) Departments/colleges may elect to make an appointment with tenure. The candidate being considered should have considerable experience at a peer institution, national and/or international recognition, and a distinguished publication record. Tenured faculty are appointed through which they contribute primarily in teaching, research, and service. Tenured faculty are appointed at the rank of associate professor or professor. They participate in the faculty governance process as described and as defined by the individual colleges and the Faculty Senate. For more information about tenured appointments, refer to the Operations Manual III, 10.4 (b) and (c).

An Equal Opportunity and Diversity search must be conducted for all tenured appointments that are 50% time or more and extend for more than one year.  Following a review of the candidate's qualifications by the hiring department, the College may request permission to extend an offer through the Search and Selection Summary (SSS) process.  A Waiver of a search must be requested in writing and approved by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Office of the Provost.  For a complete description of search/posting requirements, see Search/Posting Guidance document.

Once a candidate is selected and the Search and Selection Summary is approved, an offer may be made.  

The appointment form including required attachments is routed in Workflow.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements