Teaching observations: Due to the challenges faculty are facing to rapidly move all courses to virtual teaching for the rest of the spring 2020 semester, no teaching observations will be conducted during the spring semester. If teaching observations were performed prior to the move to virtual teaching, these will be included in the annual review. 

Student evaluations: Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback to instructors on their virtual learning experience.  However, these evaluations are for formative purposes and will not be used for faculty evaluation.

Faculty Reviews

Annual and reappointment reviews for both probationary and non tenure track faculty should still be completed for this academic year. This can be done virtually if not already completed. The Colleges may use whatever format for review (requiring CVs, personal statements, forms) per current practice. Reviews should be submitted through the Faculty Review Application and into workflow per regular procedure. The deadline for completion and submission to the Office of the Provost has been pushed back to June 1, 2020.

Departments and colleges should strive to complete annual post-tenure reviews, which could be done virtually. However, if not possible, post-tenure annual reviews may be postponed to the Fall 2020 semester. Post-tenure peer reviews may also be postponed until the fall semester when committees would be able to meet in-person. 

Probationary and Tenure Clock Extensions

All probationary tenure track faculty members will be given an automatic 1 year extension of the tenure clock. The extension will apply to the current probationary period. Therefore the extension may lengthen the time to the first probationary review (year 3 or 4 depending on college) or the time to tenure review. Faculty members may still choose to be considered for promotion and tenure prior to the exhaustion of their tenure clock per current policy (Operations Manual, III-10.1.a.(4)(e)(i)). This automatic extension does not impact the two automatic extension maximum. Expectations for promotion remain the same regardless of the use of an extension. Faculty who are impacted by this extension will be contacted individually with more specific information as will their college’s associate dean for faculty.