The University of Iowa

Special Compensation (Form Processing)

A Special Compensation Form should be used to compensate a faculty member for special or additional services performed beyond the normal responsibilities/load of their defined position.

For additional information, please see the Special Compensation (Extra Compensation) Guidelines


  • If a faculty member is not currently at 100% effort and the additional responsibilities are for more than one week's effort:
    • A Change in Status - percent of time should be processed if the additional duties are in the same department. Another COS should be completed after the work is done, returning the percent time to that of the original appointment.
    • An Appointment Form should be processed if the duties are in a different academic unit.
  • Under no circumstances may an individual exceed 65% total effort for all combined appointments at the University during phased retirement.
  • Effective dates should be reflective of the entire period of time for which the additional duties are being performed.
  • Special Compensation may not be paid for most work on funded grant projects. Only those individuals identified by name in an approved grant budget as Consultants may receive compensation from grant funds in excess of their base salary. Before processing a special compensation form using grant monies, please refer to the Operations Manual, III, 17, or Grant Accounting or Sponsored Program approval is required on all special compensation payments involving grant funds.
  • Other policies regarding extra compensation can be found at