The University of Iowa

Requisition/Recruitment Plan

If an appointment is greater than 50% time and for more than one year, a Search must be conducted. Requisitions are initiated within Jobs@UIOWA. To access this site you must first log into the Employee Self-Service website and select the link within the Administration tab. For a complete description of search/posting requirements, see Search/Posting Guidance document.

For additional assistance in processing a faculty requisition - please reference the "Creating the Requisition/Recruitment Plan" guidance on the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity website.

The wording of the advertisement must be clear and concise so that an appropriate candidate pool is obtained.

External Advertising Options:

Required in Advertisement:

  • whether it is a tenure track, non-tenure track or open position
  • all ranks that will be considered
  • a brief description of the position
  • minimal required qualifications
  • application deadline date

The form is electronically routed by the College, Office of the Provost and finally the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity.