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Recruiting (non-faculty)

Recruiting traditionally begins when a position vacancy occurs or a new position need arises.  To help us extend the reach of recruiting direct passive candidates to our Why UI page to share the many great things about living and working in our community.  Active job seekers can find open listings on the UofI Jobs website.

To hire a regular (non-temp/student) employee we complete a competitive search for and consider all qualified applicants who apply within a reasonable timeframe (advertising period-min 14 days). 

To get started, check out the reference docs below.

(If you are looking to hire a non-permanent/temp P&S, student, or GA/Postdoc, reference the Employment HR page.)

In a nutshell, to start a search ​contact your department HR Rep, review the current department needs, edit or create a local job description (LJD) and consider the following:

  • What is the hiring budget for this position?  We want to advertise realistically so putting a min or max compensation amount instead of listing base to commensurate is ideal.  Reference classifications and pay levels.
  • Who is the hiring manager? Are they also the search chair? This person will work with the HR Rep, in most searches, to complete the majority of the recruiting steps together.
  • Who will assist in the search (content expert, assistant, interviewers)? To avoid excess time spent my multiple staff try to be strategic and only include necessary roles in each search.
  • Where would you like to advertise externally?  Please share listserv and non-traditional plans with your HR Rep. 
  • Traditionally, each position is required to be posted at least 14 days on the UI Jobs website and classifications that are underrepresented by women and/or minorities are required to be posted at a diversity outreach location.

In rare instances, requesting a search waiver may be an appropriate route to take to fill a vacancy when a viable candidate is already identified.  This usually requires a unique set of skills and qualifications for a particular position or sometimes a dual-career connection on campus.  Contact your HR Rep to discuss the options and request requirements (must be approved by EOD). 

See available positions in Org 02 and 35 at 

Succession Planning

Succession planning is also part of the recruitment process.  This is ideally built into the practices in a unit, supporting easy transfer of information through a collaborative, visible working document for employee development plans.  Good succession planning should promote awareness of career opportunities and give guidance on enhancing both core and leadership competencies needed for employees to advance.  It identifies goals and resource needs for the employee and unit.  You can get a free workplace consultation through Organizational Development.



*The "HR for Org Staff" website pages are designed for employees within the Office of the Provost Orgs (02, 35, 39), and intended to provide Org specific info as well as direct staff to other appropriate HR sites. It is not intended to take the place of UI policies/procedures but only address HR related issues we face under the Provost umbrella. If you have questions about this please reach out to your HR Rep for assistance. We appreciate any feedback you have for our webpages, as well as the opportunity to assist and clarify information.