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Provost's Global Forum -- call for proposals

Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers
Downing Thomas
January 29, 2013
Provost’s Global Forum – call for proposals

The Provost’s Global Forum is the premier annual event on campus focused on international and global issues. The Forum brings together experts from the faculty and leading voices from a variety of areas (business, technology, education, politics) to raise awareness about and contribute to debate on the foremost issues in globalization that face us today. In addition to serving the University of Iowa community broadly, the Forum endeavors to build connections between the University and the state of Iowa, and positions the UI as a national node in discussions of global affairs.

The organizer(s) and topic of the annual Forum will be selected by the Provost upon the recommendation of a committee selected by the Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs. In announcing the competition, the Provost may from time to time give priority to a specific issue in, or approach to, globalization.

Organizers will explore ways to carry the issues outward from the UI campus through publication avenues or media outlets, including articles in state and national newspapers, magazines, and television as appropriate.

The Forum is made possible through the generous support of the Stanley-UI Foundation Support Organization.

The deadline has been extended to March 1, 2013.

A single $20,000 award will be made. Funding is for the 2013-14 academic year.

Please visit the IP website for information and guidelines at For further questions regarding this award, please contact:

Sonia Ryang
Director of Academic Programs
1111 University Capitol Centre