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New UI Instructional Faculty Policy

Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers
Kevin C. Kregel, Associate Provost for Faculty
August 17, 2016
New UI Instructional Faculty Policy

Our campus will be strengthened by the implementation of a new Instructional Faculty policy during the upcoming academic year.  The policy was developed by the UI Faculty Senate and Office of the Provost through an extensive shared governance process, including the active participation of the UI Faculty Senate Lecturer subcommittee.  The UI Instructional Faculty policy was approved by the UI Faculty Senate, 3/22/2016, the Office of the Provost, 4/11/2016, and the Office of the President, 5/4/2016.  Colleges that wish to employ Instructional Faculty will now develop and, with the approval of the Provost, adopt their own Instructional Faculty policy that elaborates, and is subject to, the University-level policy. 

The UI Instructional Faculty policy strengthens the role of non-tenured faculty who are primarily engaged in the University’s teaching mission.  In addition to providing more substantial contracts, it also provides representation on UI Faculty Senate, access to dispute procedures, and opportunities for promotion.

For more information about the new policy, please see the following links:

For more information about your collegiate policy and procedures, please see your associate dean for faculty or Faculty HR Representative. For additional information about the UI Instructional Faculty policy and related procedures, please see the Office of the Provost Faculty Appointments webpage: or email: .