University of Iowa

New UI data center cuts energy costs, earns $272,000 rebate from Alliant

The university is already seeing the benefits of a new energy-efficient data center, the first building on campus to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification.

In the past year, Information Technology Services and Health Care Information Systems migrated hundreds of servers from smaller, less efficient data centers to the new Information Technology Facility (ITF). Most of the servers had been housed in antiquated data centers in the basement of Jessup Hall and the hospital, where heating and cooling systems necessary to keep IT equipment at the proper temperature were significantly less efficient. At its peak, in January 2010, the Jessup Hall Data Center used an average of 102 kilowatts (KW) of electrical power. But even as the ITF came online and picked up the full workload of Jessup and more, current average usage is only 89 KW.

In addition to energy savings, the UI earned a $271,854 rebate from Alliant Energy. Funds from the rebate will be used to assist units in moving their server needs to the new facility. Full story