University of Iowa

Monthly Mailing to Deans - November 2016

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TO: Deans  
FROM: P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost

November 29, 2016

Highlights of recent/upcoming activity:

Events and deadlines:

Date Event/Deadline Responsible
Dec. 1 Deadline to apply for Strategic Global Initiatives Award Faculty/research staff
Dec. 2 Deadline to nominate for the President & Provost Award for Teaching Excellence Colleges
Apr. 1, 2017 Deadline to submit proposals for Provost’s Global Forum Tenured, tenure track, clinical track, research track faculty
June 30, 2017 Expiration of current phased retirement program for faculty and staff Faculty/staff

Recent communications:

Date From To Item Action
Nov. 21 Shelly Campo
Lon Moeller
Deans, Directors, and DEOs President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence Nominate

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