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Monthly Mailing to Deans - May 2014

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FROM:P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost

 May 27, 2014

Highlights of recent/upcoming activity:

  • Next meeting of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa: June 4, 2014, Ames
  • Upcoming approval request: Bachelor of Arts in Enterprise Leadership

New information/requests for action:

  • Please share with faculty the attached document from the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at Durham University (U.K.) inviting applicants for the IAS Fellowship.  The goal of the IAS is “to catalyse new ideas by bringing together internationally recognized academics as well as writers, artists and practitioners . . . .  [T]he IAS invite[s] scholars from the full spectrum of the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities to address research themes of global significance.”  Further information is available at   Note that the deadline for application is June 8

 Events and deadlines:

June 8Application deadline, Durham University IAS Fellowship (see above)Faculty

Recent communications:

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