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Monthly Mailing to Deans - March 2014

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FROM:P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost

March 26, 2014

Highlights of recent/upcoming activity:

New requests for action:

  • None at this time

Events and deadlines:

Mar. 26Nomination deadline: Historic Civil Rights Mentoring DinnerAdministrators, Faculty
Mar. 31Tenure WorkshopTenure-track Faculty
Apr. 1Application deadline: Provost’s Global ForumFaculty
Apr. 3Innovative Teaching ShowcaseAdministrators, faculty, TAs
Apr. 15Application deadline: IP Global Conference AwardFaculty
Apr. 30Deadline for affected employee groups to complete the “Annual Report of Outside Professional Activities and Interests” via the eCOI online disclosure system (
Employees required to complete the online annual disclosure are:
  • UI Health Care:  50% or greater Faculty, P&S, SEIU, and Merit Exempt
  • Faculty:  50% or greater Regular Track Faculty
  • Administrators with Faculty Appointments (i.e., FM jobcode), including Assoc/Asst Provost, Assoc VP, Assoc/Asst Dean, Director, Ombuds
  • P&S:  50% or greater among Pay Levels 7 and above
  • P&S:  50% or greater in Executive Classifications, including President, Exec VP & Provost, VPs, Dean, University Librarian
  • All UI researchers who are identified as “key personnel” on a UI routing form submitted to Sponsored Programs or an IRB application.
Faculty and staff
May 2Nomination deadline: 2014 International Impact AwardDeans, Directors, and DEOs

 Recent communications:

Mar. 5Georgina DodgeDeans, Directors, and DEOsHistoric Civil Rights Mentoring DinnerNominate/share
Mar. 12Jean Florman and Cornelia LangDeans, Directors, and DEOsInnovative Teaching ShowcaseInformation/share
Mar. 21Tom RiceDeans, Directors, and DEOsTenure Workshop, Monday March 31, 2014, 6:30-9:00 p.m.Information/share
Mar. 25Downing ThomasDeans, Directors, and DEOs2014 International Impact AwardInformation/share
Mar. 25Diane FinnertyDeans, Directors, and DEOsApril 2014 - Campus-wide Faculty Development OpportunitiesInformation/share