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Monthly Mailing to Deans - April 2015

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TO: Deans  
FROM: P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost

April 27, 2015

Highlights of recent/upcoming activity:

 Events and deadlines:

Date Event/Deadline Responsible/Invited
Apr. 28 2015 Diversity Catalyst Awards UI Community
Apr. 30 Deadline for affected employee groups to complete the “Annual Report of Outside Professional Activities and Interests” via the eCOI online disclosure system ( 

Employees required to complete the online annual disclosure are:
  • UI Health Care:  50% or greater Faculty, P&S, SEIU, and Merit Exempt
  • Faculty:  50% or greater Regular Track Faculty
  • Administrators with Faculty Appointments (i.e., FM jobcode), including Assoc/Asst Provost, Assoc VP, Assoc/Asst Dean, Director, Ombuds
  • P&S:  50% or greater among Pay Levels 7 and above
  • P&S:  50% or greater in Executive Classifications, including President, Exec VP & Provost, VPs, Dean, University Librarian
All UI researchers who are identified as “key personnel” on a UI routing form submitted to Sponsored Programs or an IRB application.
Faculty and staff
May 4 Deadline for nominations for 2015 International Impact Award Faculty and staff

Recent communications:

Date From To Item Action
Mar. 30 Downing Thomas Deans, Directors, and DEOs 2015 International Impact Award Submit nominations/share
Apr. 20 Georgina Dodge Faculty and Staff 2015 Diversity Catalyst Awards Information/share

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