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Leave of Absence (Form Processing)

A Leave of Absence Form should be used when a current employee is going to be absent for a period of time that is not covered by vacation or sick leave. More information about Faculty Development Programs can be found in the Faculty Handbook and in the Operations Manual, III, 21.

Paid Leave Types:

  • Administrative Faculty - special leave awarded to a faculty member following a period of administrative appointment.
  • Developmental Leaves - Career Development Awards (CDA) - awarded by the Office of the Provost.
  • Partial Paid Semester - paid leave where the faculty member's entire salary is not paid during the period of the leave. Examples include: leave without pay one semester with pay spread over entire year, CDA in the fall and leave without pay in spring.
  • Research - paid leave of absence to conduct research activities.
  • Research/Scholarship - paid leave of absence to conduct research and scholarship activities.
  • Semester Assignment - special leave, not a CDA awarded by the Office of the Provost

Unpaid Leave Types:

  • Education - unpaid leave to pursue additional education.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - unpaid leave of absence for an approved FMLA event.
  • Faculty Visiting Institutions - unpaid leave while a faculty member may hold a visiting appointment at another institution.
  • Health/Medical - unpaid leave of absence due to a health/medical leave that is in excess of paid sick leave benefits.
  • Personal - unpaid leave of absence due to personal reasons.
  • Research/Scholarship - unpaid leave of absence due to research or scholarship activities.

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 Helpful Hints:

  • In order to prevent overpayments, leave of absence forms for academic year faculty should be processed by July payroll cutoff if the leave results in a reduction of salary.
  • Employee signature is required for ALL PAID Leaves of Absence and for UNPAID Leaves of Absence with the following reasons: Education, Faculty Visiting Institutions, Personal.
  • Payback Requirements - Paid leaves are granted with the requirement that the recipient return to the University thereafter or compensate the University for the benefit received (per Iowa Code 262.9(13). Therefore, Faculty who accept a paid leave of absence are subject to the State of Iowa payback requirement. Questions regarding payback requirement can be directed to the Office of the Provost.

When Not to Use:

  • If a particular leave is covered by UI benefits (vacation or sick leave) - a leave form is not required and the faculty member should simply record his/her time away on their monthly employee time record.
  • If the start date of a new faculty member is required due to immigration and/or benefit issues and the appointment has already been processed - a leave form should not be used. The department should work with the Office of the Provost to have the start date of the original Appointment form adjusted.