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Joint, Secondary, and Tertiary Appointments

Joint, Secondary, and Tertiary Appointments

A joint, secondary, and tertiary appointment is one in which a faculty member has responsibilities to, and will be reviewed by, more than one department/college. The percent of time split may range from 90/10% to 50/50%, or the appointment may be complimentary (0%). The faculty title and rank must be consistent across all departments. One department is designated the "home department" and is responsible for the initiation of the HR transactions.

 Joint, secondary, and tertiary appointments can involve teaching, advising, committee representation, or any other duty appropriate to the faculty member’s areas of expertise. These appointments are usually funded by more than one department and require the cooperation and approval of all departments.

Joint, secondary, and tertiary appointments can occur at the initial hire and all departments/colleges should participate in the search, offer and appointment process. The offer letter must clearly delineate the expectations of each department and the candidate’s rights and responsibilities in the arrangement.

Most joint, secondary, and tertiary appointments occur after the initial hire. The Appointment form should indicate in the “Remarks” section, “To recognize the joint, secondary, or tertiary appointment.” If the length of term for the joint, secondary, or tertiary appointment differs from the primary appointment, this should be indicated on the Appointment form and in the letter of agreement. The Appointment form and attachments are routed in workflow to all departments/colleges and to the Office of the Provost for approval.

Subsequent promotion and tenure reviews are similarly cooperative. The exact process for promotion and tenure reviews can be worked out after the new faculty member arrives on campus but must have the concurrence of all parties involved. (See Joint Appointment Reviews.)

Departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should consult the Executive Associate Dean to negotiate joint, secondary, and tertiary appointments.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements

Units that can make faculty appointments include all Regental academic units and those programs with an established appointing structure approved by the Office of the Provost. Before making interdisciplinary appointments, units should review the Guidelines for Faculty Appointments in Non-Departmental Units.