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Ida Beam Visiting Professorships - Past Lecturers

The University of Iowa honors the memory of an Iowa woman, Ida Cordelia Beam, whose quiet gift of Benton County land ever renews learning. The program has since 1977 brought hundreds of eminent scholars and scientists to give public lectures and to meet with students and faculty. Following is a list of visiting professors and their sponsoring departments since 1989-90.

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Past Visits
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* Due to accommodations to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), some visiting professors have deferred their visit to a later date or were forced to cancel.

Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Kei Miller, University of Exeter (UK) International Writing Program, Caribbean Studies/International Studies
James Geary, Harvard University English, Nonfiction Writing Program, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, International Writing Program, Iowa City City of Literature
Daedalus Quartet, University of Pennsylvania UI String Quartet Residency Program/School of Music
Yiyun Li, Princeton University Creative Writing, International Writing Program Magid Center, English
Anne-Marie Slaughter, New America and Princeton University Political Science, International Programs, Public Policy Center, History
Lewis Hyde, Kenyon College * English, Nonfiction Writing Program, Honors Program, Division of Performing Arts, History
Charmaine Royal, Duke University * Rhetoric, Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, Center for Public Policy Center, College of Law, Anthropology, African American Studies Program
Amelia Jones, University of Southern California * School of Art & Art History, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Esther Newton, University of Michigan/SUNY Purchase and Holly Hughes, University of Michigan *

Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Theatre Arts

Eileen Myles, New York University/Naopa * Creative Writing, International Writing Program, Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing, English


Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Chris Abani, Northwestern University International Writing Program, Iowa Writers' Workshop
Harryette Mullen, UCLA Writers' Workshop
Jorie Graham, Harvard University English
Parker String Quartet, Blodgett Artists-in-Residence at Harvard University Department of Music School of Music/University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program
Rufus Reid, International-level Jazz Performer, formerly of William Patterson University (ret.) Hancher, School of Music, African-American Studies
Richard F. Thomas, Harvard University Classics
Cecilia Vicuna, Independent Artist Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies, English, Spanish and Portuguese, Writers' Workshop
Valeria Luiselli, Hofstra University English, Nonfiction Writing Program
Joseph Straus, Graduate Center of the City University of New York Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory University Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Viet Thanh Nguyen, University of Southern California Writers' Workshop

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Estrella de Diego, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Spanish and Portuguese
John Richardson, Esquire Magazine English, Nonfiction Writing Program, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, History
Nathaniel Mackey, Duke University Writers’ Workshop
Elias String Quartet, Premiere String Quartet in Britain School of Music, University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program, Hancher, International Programs
Bill Morrison, Independent Artist Cinematic Arts, School of Music, Obermann Center
Rosanna Warren, John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago International Writing Program; Writers’ Workshop; Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Independent Archival Consultant History; English; Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Obermann Center
David Goldblatt, Bristol University/Pitzer College French & Italian
Deborah Eisenberg, Columbia University Writers’ Workshop

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Janine di Giovanni; Newsweek, New America Foundation, Columbia University International Writing Program, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Iowa Writers' Workshop, Nonfiction Writing Program, and the UI Center for Human Rights
James English, University of Pennsylvania Department of English, University of Iowa Libraries
Rivka Galchen, Columbia University Iowa Writers’ Workshop
Jay Hakes Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of History, Department of Political Science
Greil Marcus; University of California, Berkeley Nonfiction Writing Program, Department of English, School of Music, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Department of American Studies
D.A. Powell, University of San Francisco Iowa Writers’ Workshop, International Writing Program, Frank Magid Writing Center for Undergraduate Writers, Department of English
JoAnne Stubbe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemistry
Frank Trommler, University of Pennsylvania Department of German, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, Department of History, African American Studies, School of Art and Art History
Maiken Umbach, Nottingham University Department of History, School of Art and Art History, Department of German, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Ying String Quartet, Eastman School of Music University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program, Hancher, Jazz and African American Studies

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Andrea Barrett, Williams College University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop; International Writing Program; Frank Magid Center for Undergraduate Writers; Department of English
Joan Brennecke, University of Notre Dame Department of Chemistry; Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Brentano String Quartet, Yale University University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program; School of Music; Hancher
Bunky Echo-Hawk, NVision American Indian & Native Studies Program; School of Art & Art History; Department of English
Guillermo Gómez-Peña, La Pocha Nostra and Felicia Rice, the Moving Parts Press Department of English; Department of Communication Studies
Margo Jefferson, Columbia University Nonfiction Writing Program; Department of English; Department of Theater Arts; African American Studies Program; Department of Dance
Talens Carmona Jenaro, University of Valencia (Spain) Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Tanya Luhrmann, Stanford University Department of Religious Studies; School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Shahriar Mandanipour International Writing Program; University of Iowa Center for Human Rights; University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop
Dr. Joseph Pratt, University of Houston Department of History; Department of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences; Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Claudia Rankine, Pomona College University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop; International Writing Program; Frank Magid Center for Undergraduate Writers; Department of English
Al Roth; Stanford University Department of Economics; Carver College of Medicine; Department of Accounting

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Frank Bidart, Wellesley College Creative Writing, International Writing Program, Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing, Department of English
Sean B. Carroll, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Biology, Honors Program
Christopher Celenza, Johns Hopkins University Department of Classics; Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
David Cutler, University of South Carolina School of Music
Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf, Princeton University Division of Performing Arts; Division of Theatre Arts; Department of English; Department of American Studies; Department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies; Department of Dance; School of Music
Maureen Freeley, University of Warwick International Writing Program; Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies
Michael F. Goodchild, University of California at Santa Barbara Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, Informatics Initiative, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Lorrie Moore, Vanderbilt University Creative Writing, International Writing Program, Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing, Department of English
Rob Nixon, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of English, Department of Anthropology, Center for Human Rights
Darren Ranco, University of Maine American Indian and Native Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, Environmental Policy and Planning, Geographical and Sustainability Studies
Alan Riach, University of Glasgow Department of English, UI International Programs (WorldCanvass)
Mary Roach, Independent Writer Department of English, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Lonnie Thompson, The Ohio State University Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of History

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago Rhetoric and English, CCL, English, GWSS, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center, Obermann Center; POROI; Rhetoric; Women's Resource and Action Center
Claudia Beverley, University of Arkansas for Health Sciences, The John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Geriatric John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, College of Nursing
Kwame Dawes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln International Writing Program
Wai Chee Dimock, Yale University English, International Writing Program, American Studies; CCL; Obermann Center; International Programs; Writers' Workshop
John Hagan, Northwestern University Sociology
Joy Harjo, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana English
Michael Harrison, Serious Media Music Dance, School of Music
Liz Lerman, Independent Artist Division of Performing Arts (DPA); Hancher
Phillip Lopate, Columbia University, New York, NY Department of English (Nonfiction Writing Program); College of Education, Film Studies, Creative Writing
Josh MacPhee, Independent Artist, Curator and Writer. Founder of Justseeds art collective and Interference Archive School of Art and Art History; History; Center for Human Rights; Obermann Center; Communication Studies; Labor Center; Center for the Book; UI Libraries; CCL; Public Space One; Zenic Press; Division of Continuing Education
Larry May, Vanderbilt University Philosophy Department; UI Law School, Center for Human Rights
Jose Munoz, New York University POROI; Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Critical Comparative Ethnic Studies Working Group; Theatre Arts; Spanish and Portuguese; LGBT Resource Center, American Studies; Obermann Center for Advanced Study
Felipe Salles, University of Massachusetts, Amherst School of Music, UI Saxophone Studio, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Department of International Studies
Regina Schwartz, Northwestern University Religious Studies
Dean Simonton, University of California, Davis Delta Center, CLAS, Psychology, Obermann Center, Belin-Blank Center
Joy Williams, University of Wyoming Creative Writing (Writers' Workshop); International Writing Program; Magid Undergraduate Writing Center; The Non-Fiction Writing Program
Charles Wright, University of Virginia Creative Writing (Writers' Workshop); Undergraduate Writing; International Writing; English; Nonfiction Writing

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Jennifer Muller, Artistic Director of Jennifer Muller/The Works Dance, Division of Performing Arts
John Zaller, University of California-Los Angeles Political Science, Journalism/Communication Studies/Sociology
Russell Banks, Princeton University Writer's Workshop, Non-fiction Writing Program, English, International Writing Program
Alberto Fuguet, University Diego Portales, Chile Spanish and Portuguese, DWLLC, Cinema and Comparative Literature
Vicki Ruiz, University of California-Irvine History, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, Labor Center
Jose Limon, University of Notre Dame English, American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, Latin American Studies, Division of WLLC, Anthropology
L. Michael White, University of Texas at Austin Classics, Religious Studies, History, Center for the Book, Digital Studio for the Public Humanities
Hisham Matar, Barnard College International Writing Program, UI Center for Human Rights
Lucie Brock-Broido, Columbia College Writer's Workshop, Non-fiction Writing Program, English, International Writing Program
Lawrence Weschler, New York University English, Undergraduate Certificate in Writing, Journalism & Mass Communication, Art
Sanford Goldberg, Northwestern University Philosophy
Rodney Ewing, University of Michigan Chemistry

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Phoebe Gloeckner, University of Michigan Art & Art History, Cinema & Comparative Literature, Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies, WRUAC, UI Art Museum
Elaine Treharne, Florida State University English, Center for the Book, History, Classics, Medieval Studies
Ilya Kaminsky, San Diego State University International Writing Program
Robert Hass, University of California – Berkeley Writers Workshop, International Writing Program, English, Undergraduate Writing Track
Sam Green, David Cerf, and The Quavers, Independent Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and collaborators Cinema & Comparative Literature
Uwe Kleindienst, Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum,
University of Augsburg, Germany
Music, German
James Luna, Palomar College, San Marcos, CA American Indian & Native Studies, Art & Art History, Theatre Arts
Michael Spiro, Jacobs School of Music,
Indiana University
Music – Jazz Department, Dance, International Programs, Division of Performing Arts
William Westney, Texas Tech University Music

Orrin Robinson, Stanford University

German, International Programs, 18th & 19th Century Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Asian & Slavic Languages and Literatures, English, French & Italian, Linguistics, Spanish & Portuguese
Nicholson Baker, Portland, ME Writers Workshop, Non-Fiction Writing Program, International Writing Program, English

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Doris Bergen, University of Toronto International Programs, European Studies Goup, History, Religious Studies, Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies, German
Charles Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania Writers' Workshop, English, Undergraduate Creative Writing Program, International Writing Program
Horacio Castellanos Moya, City of Asylum/Pittsburg International Writing Program, Spanish & Portuguese, Cinema and Comparative Literature, UI Center for Human Rights
Morten Christiansen, Cornell University and Sante Fe Institute Psychology/Delta Center, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jeffrey Cohen, George Washington University Medieval Studies, Religious Studies, Classics, History, English, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, Art History
Wendy Doniger, Divinity School, University of Chicago Classics, Anthropology, Cinema & Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, South Asian Studies Program
Stuart Dybek, Northwestern University The Writers' Workshop, International Writing Program, Undergraduate Writing Track, English
Dirk Hoerder, Arizona State University, University of Bremen History, International Programs, American Studies, UI Labor Center, Crossing Borders Program, UI Center for Human Rights
Adrian Johns, University of Chicago Communication Studies, College of Law, English, History, Center for the Book

David Roediger, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign
POROI, Communication Studies, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, Center for Ethnic Studies and the Arts, Communication Studies, Rhetoric
Robert Storr, Yale University Painting/Drawing, Art & Art History, UI Museum of Art, Theatre Arts, English

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department(s)
Colin Allen, Indiana University Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, College of Engineering
Richard Aslin, University of Rochester, Heather Bortfeld, Texas A&M, Janet Werker, University of British Columbia Psychology, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Neurology
Anne Bang, University of Bergen History, African Studies, Crossing Borders, Middle Eastern and Muslim World, French & Italian
Eavan Boland, Stanford University International Writing Program, English, Writers' Workshop
Avery Brooks, Rutgers University Theatre Arts, African American Studies
Kaare Christensen, University of Southern Denmark Pediatrics, College of Public Health,
Hartford Foundation, Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, CTSI
Robert Costanza, University of Vermont Geography, CGRER, Urban & Regional Planning, Office of Sustainability
Margaret Crocco, Columbia University Center for Teaching, Teaching and Learning, Center for Human Rights
Tracy Davis, Northwestern University American Studies, English, History, Theatre Arts, Center for Ethnic Studies and the Arts, ENCIC
Steven Engel, Heide Reavis, Engel Entertainment Neurology, OB/GYN
Diane Favro, UCLA Classics, Art History, Urban and Regional Planning; Anthropology, European Studies Group, Iowa Society of the Archaeological Institute of America
Lin Foulk, Deanna Swoboda, University of Western Michigan Music, Women's Studies
Fredric Jameson, Duke University English, Cinema and Comparative Literature, American Studies
Michael Marmot, University College, London Global Health Studies Program, UI Center for Human Rights, College of Medicine, Social Work, History, Political Science, Geography
Victor Navasky, Columbia University Journalism & Mass Communication, Communication Studies, English, History, Political Science, Honors Program, Law
Monira Rahman, Acid Survivors Foundation Burn Treatment Center, South Asian Studies Program
Michael Silverblatt, KCRW, National Public Radio English, Writers' Workshop, International Writing Program, Undergraduate Writing Track
Peter Stallybrass, University of Pennsylvania UI Center for the Books, History, English, Special Collections
Mark Strand, Columbia University Writers' Workshop, International Writing Program, English, Undergraduate Writing Track, Iowa Writers' Learning Community
Colm Toibin, Princeton Writers' Workshop, English Department, Iowa Writers' Learning Community, International Writing Program

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department(s)
Ned Blackhawk, University of Wisconsin, Madison History
David Mosser Brown, The Washington Post and The University of Maryland Journalism and Mass Communication/ POROI/International Writing Program
Michael Cunningham, Brooklyn College Writers' Workshop/ International Writing Program/Iowa Writers' Learning Community
Michael Doyle, University of Maryland Chemistry
Richard Kenney, University of Washington International Writing Program/Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry/The Department of Rhetoric/The Iowa Writers' Workshop
Fanghua Lin, Courant Institute Mathematics/Civil and Environmental Engineering
Eric Mazur, Harvard University Center for Teaching/ Physics
Jon Mikalson, University of Virginia Classics/Religious Studies/International Programs' European Study Group/Eta Sigma Phi
Henry Shue, Merton College, Oxford University (UK) UI Center for Human Rights/International Programs/College of Law/College of Engineering
Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Ithaca College The Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry/Urban and Regional Planning/ International Writing Program/Nonfiction Writing Program
James Watson, Harvard University Anthropology/Center for Asian and Pacific Studies/International Programs

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department(s)
Timothy Beatley, University of Virginia Leisure Studies Program, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies/Urban and Regional Planning, Geography,Civil and Environmental Engineering
Glen Elder, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Sociology/Institute for Inequality Studies/Psychology/Center on Aging in the School of Public Health/School of Social Work/ Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence
David M. Gaba, Stanford University Anesthesia/Surgery/Public Policy Center
Louise Gluck, Yale University Writers' Workshop/English/International Writing Program/Iowa Writers' Learning Community
Allen Guttmann, Amherst University Health and Sport Studies/American Studies
Christine Ivanovic, The University of Tokyo Cinema & Comparative Literature/German/International Writing Program
Edward P. Jones, Princeton University Writers' Workshop/English, International Writing Program/ Iowa Writers' Learning Community
Herbert Lindenberger, Standford University Opera Studies Group (IP)/ CCL/French & Italian/Art & Art History/OCAS/English/ENCIC/IP
H. Allen Orr, University of Rochester Biological Sciences/Geosciences
Lou A. Perez Jr,University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Caribbean, Diaspora, and Atlantic Studies Program-International Programs/History
Dale Purves, Duke University Psychology/Neuroscience Program
Tomaz Salamun, Slovenia International Programs/Writers' Workshop
Benjamin Schneider,University of Maryland & Valtera Management and Organizations/Psychology
Michael Tomasello, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Iowa Center for Developmental and Learning Sciences/ Psychology/Speech Pathology and Audiology
Michael Warner, Yale University UI Center for the Book/Religious Studies/History/American Studies/Communication Studies/English/Sexuality Studies
William Prizer, University of California-Santa Barbara and Kristine Forney, USC-Long Beach School of Music

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department(s)
Paula Allen Interdisciplinary Programs/American Indian and Native Studies
Alain Badiou, Ecole Normale Communication Studies
Michael Chabon Writers’ Workshop
Dipesh Chakrabarty History
Juan Cole Islamic, Middle Eastern & Arabic Studies
Norma Field International Writing Program
Bob Haining Geography
Donald McKayle Dance
Joanne Meyerowitz Sexuality Studies Program/Interdisciplinary Programs
Willard Miller, Jr. Mathematics
Terence R. Mitchell Management & Organizations
Luis Ospina Latin American Studies Program
Rickie Solinger Art & Art History
James Tate Writers’ Workshop
Robert Webster Microbiology
Daniel Wegner Psychology
Robert Winter Music

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department(s)
Harold J. Berman College of Law
Wanda M. Corn Art & Art History
Jean-Yves Fourmeau Music
Diane F. Halpern WISE
Shirley Brice Heath Language, Literacy, and Culture Program in Curriculum & Instruction
Jody Heymann Sociology
Michael Laver Political Science
Philip Levine Writers’ Workshop
Brij Maharaj African Studies
Joseph C. Miller, History
Gregory Rabassa International Writing Program
Ed Sarath, Music
Dr. Thomas J. Wilbanks Geography

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
John Ashbery Writers' Workshop
Michael Batty Geography
Rosemary Coombe Communication Studies
Sir Partha Dasgupta Economics
Rebecca Eisenberg POROI
Bent Flyvbjerg Urban & Regional Planning
Linda Hutcheon / Michael Hutcheon Opera Studies Group, International Programs
Lewis Hyde English
Simon James Classics
Herman Lebovics French & Italian
Nicholas Meyer Theatre Arts
George Sanchez American Studies
Juliet Schor Interdisciplinary Programs / Leisure Studies
James Scott Liberal Arts & Sciences
Walter Thompson Music
Peter Turnley Journalism & Mass Communication
Eliot Weinberger International Writing Program
Patricia Zimmermann Cinema & Comparative Literature

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Visiting Professors Sponsoring Department
Lawrence Barsalou Psychology
Frans B. M. de Waal Graduate College
John D'Emilio Sexuality Studies Program
Mary Dudziak, David Wilkins, Kimberley Phillips, George Lipsitz, James C. Hall American Studies / History / American Indian Native Studies
Henry Friedlander History
David M. Hillis Geoscience
C. Stephen Jaeger Medieval Studies
Margaret Levi Political Science
Peter Matthiessen, International Writing Program International Writing Program
Cheríe Moraga Graduate College
Steven Pinker Linguistics / Law
Frederic M. Raphael, Independent Artist and Writer Classics / Theatre Arts
Sherry Simon Cinema & Comparative Literature
B. L. Turner II Geography
Marc Van Montagu, Vakgroep Moleculaire Genetica Biological Sciences
Kenny Wheeler Music

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department
David D. Awschalom Physics & Astronomy
Jacqueline K. Barton Chemistry
André Goffeau Physiology & Biophysics
David D. Hall American Studies
N. Katherine Hayles English
David Jasper Religion
Rashid I. Khalidi UI Center for Human Rights
Gerda Lerner University Libraries
Steve Maier Psychology
Laura Mulvey Cinema & Comparative Literature
Donald Norman Management Sciences
Suzanne Poirier Biomedical Ethics & Medical Humanities/Medicine
Rayna Rapp Women's Studies and Anthropology
Paul Julian Smith Spanish & Portuguese
Vernon Smith, Economics
Marc Van Montagu Biological Sciences
Patricia Vertinsky Health & Sport Studies
Derek Walcott International Writing Program
Stephen J. Walsh Geography

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department
Michael Armacost History
George F. Bass Anthropology
Deborah B. Boedeker & Kurt R. Raaflaub Classics
Terrence Deacon Psychology
Julio Garcia Espinosa Latin American Studies Program
Richard A. Falk UI Center for Human Rights
Gerald E. Frug Urban & Regional Planning
Terry Fullmer Aging Studies Program/Cntr on Aging
Lorraine Gutierrez Social Work
David Halperin Sexuality Studies Program
Susan Hanson Geography
Lewis Lockwood Music
W.S. Merwin International Writing Program
Thomas Moore Religion
David Rosner Occupational & Environmental Health
Miri Rubin Medieval Studies
Leila Sebbar French & Italian
Mary Sherriff Art & Art History
Theda Skocpol Political Science
Melba J.T. Vasquez Counseling Psychology Program
Lawrence Venuti Cinema & Comparative Literature

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Roger Bagnall Center for the Book/Classics/History
Carla Bley & Steve Swallow Music
Valerie Bunce CREES/Political Science
Robert Connell Sociology/Women’s Studies
Manthia Diawara African American Studies
Franklin Fisher Economics
Allan Frumkin Art & Art History
Irwin Garfinkel & Sara McLanahan Sociology
Margolit Goldfarbt & Ismael Abu Saad International Education
Leonard Guarente Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
John F. Kasson American Studies
Eric Lander Genetics
Leon Lederman Physics & Astronomy
Bruce Lindsay Statistics & Actuarial Science
Margaret Lock Anthropology
Ravi Nair International Programs
Richard Schechner Anthropology/Theatre Arts
Emmanuel Sivan History
Susan Rubin Sueliman French & Italian/Women’s Studies
Susan Treggiari Classics/History/Women’s Studies
Karl Wieghardt Chemistry

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
William Alford Law/Economics
Lawrence Altman Journalism & Mass Communication
Gisela Brinker-Gabler Comparative Literature
Pierre Cartier Mathematics
Helen Couclelis Geography/Mathematics
Richard J. Davidson Psychology
Joan DeJean French/Italian
Athol Fugard Theatre Arts
Margo Glantz Spanish/Portuguese
Milton Lodge Political Science
Barry Moser University Libraries
Joel Mokyr Business
Walter Murch Communication Studies
Murray Sperber Sociology
Anne Triesman, Fred Dretske and Paul Smolensky Computer Science/Psychology

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Orley Ashenfelter Economics
William Cronon Project of Rhetoric on Inquiry
E.L. Doctorow Writers' Workshop
Ronald Dworkin College of Law/Philosophy
Robert Hass Writers' Workshop
Richard Karp Computer Science/Electrical & Computer Engineering/Management Sciences
Howard Leventhal Psychology
Rosemary Lloyd French/Italian
William McFeely History
Dith Pran Office of International Education
Rova Saxophone Quartet School of Music
Steven Shapin Literature Science & the Arts/Biology
David M. Smith Geography/Global Studies
Ruth Solie School of Music

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Michael Berry Physics and Astronomy
Robert Cooter College of Law/Economics
David J. Ekerdt Aging Studies Program
Charles Epstein Pediatrics/Interdepartmental Genetics Ph.D. Program
E. Tory Higgins Psychology
Glenn Loury Economics
Nicholas McGegan School of Music
N. Scott Momady English
Stephen O’Brien Microbiology
Mary K. Rothbart, Hill Goldsmith and L. Alan Sroufe Psychology
Peter Sacks Creative Writing
Saskia Sassen Global Studies
Susumo Tonegawa Genetics Ph.D. Program/Biological Sciences
Heinrich von Staden Graduate College

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Svetlana Alpers School of Art and Art History
Jacques Aumont Comparative Literature
Harold Bloom Creative Writing
Teodore Buttrey Classics
Stanley Crouch Creative Writing
Jane Sherron DeHart History
Katherine Dunham Dance
Murray Edelman Project of Rhetoric on Inquiry
Edmond Eger Sesquicentennial Colloquia Committee
Arturo Escobar Women's Studies Program
Amilav Ghosh Center for International and Comparative Studies
Neil Harris American Studies Program
Martin Heisenberg Biological Sciences
Arthur Kinoy College of Law
Eleanor Maccoby Psychology
Mario Molina Chemistry
Michael Perlin Psychiatry
Patricia Spencer School of Music
J.B. Taylor Physics and Astronomy
Robert Townsend Economics
Jeremy Waldron Philosophy

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Arjun Appadurai Center for International and Comparative Studies
Michael Ayers Philosophy
Linda Bartoshuk Psychology
Wayne Booth Rhetoric
Rose Campbell Gibson Social Work
Ming Cho Lee Theatre Arts
Demetrio Cojti Cuxil Anthropology
Seamus Heaney Writers' Workshop
Lynn Hunt History
Holger Jannasch Microbiology
Allan Kaprow Art & Art History
Peter Kivy School of Music/Philosophy
Jean François Lyotard Comparative Literature
Josiah Ober Classics
Colin Power Education
Thomas Schelling Economics
Nan Stein Women’s Studies
Bruce Stillman Genetics Ph.D. Program
Lewis Wolpert Biological Sciences

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Ruth Behar Anthropology
Howard Berg Microbiology
Nadine Gordimer Writers’ Workshop
Andre Gregory Theatre
Jerald Hage School of Social Work
Peter Hall Urban and Regional Planning
Andrew Knoll Biological Sciences/Counseling Psychology
Bruno Latour English/POROI
Marjorie Perloff French & Italian/Comparative Lit
Michael Helge Ronnestad Counseling Psychology
Daniel Rubinfeld College of Law
Kenneth Shepsle Political Science
Michael Steinberg School of Music
James Tobin College of Business
Richard White History
H. Philip Zeigler Psychology

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Modelfi Asante African-American Studies
Saul Bellow Creative Writing
David Bromwich Comparative Literature/Law/Project of Rhetoric on Inquiry
Robert Brunstein Theatre Arts
James P. Collman Chemistry
Johan Galtung Law/Global Studies
Todd Gitlin Journalism, Literature, Science and the Arts/Communication Studies
Adolf Grunbaum Philosophy
Philip Selznick Sociology
Derald Wing Sue Psychological & Quantitative Foundations/Counselor Education
Patricia Werhane Literature, Science and the Arts
Anne Whall Nursing
John Edgar Wideman Creative Writing

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Robert F. Arnove Curriculum & Instruction
Kenneth Arrow Economics
Dan Blazer Aging Studies Program
Caroline Bynum History
Yuri B. Chernyak Biomedical Engineering
Paul Crutzen Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Charles Guggenheim Communication Studies
Vaughan Jones Mathematics
John C. Polanyi Chemistry
Adrienne Rich Creative Writing
Sandra Rosenbloom Urban & Regional Planning
David O. Sears Political Science
Fernando Solanos Spanish & Portuguese
Wilhelm Vosskamp Comparative Literature

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Norma Aleandro Theatre Arts
Richard E. Aquila Philosophy
Upendra Baxi Religion
Robert Beauregard Urban & Regional Planning
George Box Quality Management & Production
A. Peter Brown School of Music
W. Peter Cockshott Radiology
Kenneth A. Dodge Psychology
Page DuBois Classics
Eric Foner College of Law
Claudia Golden Economics
Gwen Keita Psychological & Quantitative Foundations
Isaria N. Kimambo African-American Studies
D.J. Lugg Physiology
Kiyohiro Miura Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
Tobias Wolff Creative Writing

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
Cary Becker Economics
Sir David Cox Statistics
James Curran Journalism
Leonid Dolgopolov Russian
Dr. Ronald Glaser Urology
Ann Hartman Social Work
David Harvey Geography
Peggy Kamuf Comparative Literature
J. Kiecolt-Glaser Psychology
John Krumboltz Psychological & Quantitative Foundations
T. Jackson Lears American Studies
Vladilen Letokhov Laser Science
Manning Marable African-American Studies
Joyce Carol Oates Writers’ Workshop
Mark Ptashne Genetics
Hans Sluga Philosophy

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Visiting Professor Sponsoring Department(s)
T.O. Beidelman History
H.M. Brown School of Music
Robert Chartier French/Italian
Antonio Frasconi Art/Center for the Book
H.L. Gates or Manning Marable African American Studies
William Graham Religion
Malcolm Green Chemistry
Martha Morrison Pharmacy
Joyce Carol Oates or Norman Mailer Writers’ Workshop
Jane Tompkins or Catherine Gallagher English
David Tracy Project of Rhetoric on Inquiry

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