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Ida Beam Visiting Professorships - Nomination Instructions

Ida Beam Visiting Professorship Applications for 2021-2022

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Application Deadlines:

  • Due to DEOs February 1, 2021
  • Due to Deans February 8, 2021
  • Due to Provost February 22, 2021

Cover Form:

Fill out the Application Cover Form and submit completed electronic copy with each nomination.


  1. Proposals ordinarily should be limited to individuals who are likely to have an impact in the liberal arts or in areas where professional specialties interact with liberal studies. The nominee should be a teacher and scholar of distinction who will offer something new and interesting to undergraduates as well as to graduate students and colleagues. Sponsoring departments also must arrange for a public lecture so that students and faculty in other disciplines may participate in the exchange of ideas.
  2. Departments and programs may propose visits of distinguished individuals from this country or abroad. They may be either within a discipline or persons who’s major contributions are interdisciplinary. For example, visitors with interest in human rights could contribute to a wide variety of departments and programs and, in fact, would be stimulating to the entire University community. Accordingly, applications may originate within a department or an interdisciplinary program or may be jointly sponsored by more than one unit.
  3. Proposals may be for an individual to visit for varying lengths of time ranging from a few days to a month or, rarely, a full semester. Short-term visits often are easier to arrange. They also allow the support of more visiting professor appointments and thus provide broader representation of interest areas within the resources available to this program. Faculty members are encouraged to look for opportunities to invite distinguished visiting scholars from abroad who are already expected to be in the country.
  4. In making proposals, departments and programs are reminded of the university's commitment to broaden and enrich our intellectual climate through the participation of women and members of racial or ethnic minority groups.

Procedures for Applications:

  1. DEOs should receive applications by February 1, 2021 then forward the proposal, with endorsement, to collegiate deans by February 8, 2021 for their endorsement. The Office of the Provost should receive the application by February 22, 2021. The text of the proposal itself should not exceed three pages for each individual proposed. In addition to a curriculum vitae, the following information is required in the proposal:
    1. Complete the Application Cover Form and submit with each nomination.
    2. A statement of how the visit fulfills the criteria mentioned in the guidelines presented above. Scholars whose visit is shown to be of broad interest to the University community (e.g., by sponsorship from multiple academic units) will be given priority. This statement is not a "letter of recommendation" regarding the proposed visitor, rather it should assess how the presence of the visitor will enhance liberal education on campus.
    3. A schedule, as detailed as possible, describing what the individual will do while they are here.
    4. When the individual is likely to come and for what length of time. (When feasible, departments should ascertain informally whether the individual will be available. Please keep in mind, however, that an individual inquiry does not imply any commitment before authorization has been given.)

    5. A budget with an estimate of the total cost that would be involved. Please complete the budget summary on the Application Cover form and provide a budget and justification/explanation page. You should also provide a copy of the budget summary to your departmental budget officer. It is important that the cost estimate be as accurate and detailed as possible in order to facilitate planning for the most effective use of available funds. Letters of support from DEOs of other units are still encouraged. Advertising costs must be included in the budget. UI travel regulations apply to these arrangements. If an honorarium will be paid to a non-U.S. citizen, please see Item II below and obtain the information to properly calculate the funding needed.

    6. An endorsement by the executive officer of the unit. (When more than one unit is sponsoring a visitor, the application should include endorsements from ALL relevant units.)

  2. In making preliminary contacts with prospective visiting scholars, departmental representatives should pay close attention to personnel and payroll procedures. Particularly, if a scholar is a non-U.S. citizen, please be aware that there may be specific visa requirements, and a percentage of an honorarium may be withheld unless the visitor meets certain criteria. Please contact Payroll (335-2460) or the Office of International Students and Scholars (335-0335) for clarification of these requirements.

  3. Departments and programs may submit more than one application and should indicate their priority order if they do so.

  4. The applying department or program will be responsible for coordinating all arrangements with visitors. Please be certain that all announcements and publicity identify them as an Ida Cordelia Beam Distinguished Visiting Professor.  It is the unit’s responsibility to notify co-sponsoring departments who may also prepare announcements.  Examples of announcements for the Ida Cordelia Beam Distinguished Visiting Professors are in the University Events Calendar and Iowa Now. 


If you have any questions about the guidelines and procedures for applications, please email