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Graduate College Challenge Grants - Call for Proposals Deadline 2018

Deans, Directors and Departmental Executive Officers
John C. Keller, Associate Provost and Dean, the Graduate College
November 13, 2018
Graduate College Challenge Grants - Call for Proposals Deadline

The Graduate College is now accepting two-page concept proposals (Phase 1) for Challenge Grants with a January 15, 2019 deadline. The goal of the Challenge Grants is to better prepare our graduate students for the knowledge economy, global challenges, and broader career options.  

Applications from a single program, a collection of programs, a college or colleges are all encouraged. Proposals should focus on preparing our graduate students better for the new knowledge economy and broader career placement options. Options may include curricular changes, innovative degree and/or certificate programs, experiential learning opportunities, restructuring thesis/dissertation requirements to allow innovation, and/or professional development training to enhance your graduate students’ success in the decades ahead. Interdisciplinary proposals are highly encouraged. We are open to novel approaches not mentioned above.  

The Phase 1 concept proposals will be reviewed and a small number will be asked to move to full proposal development (Phase 2).  All activities and expenditures are expected to occur in FY2019 and/or FY2020 (May 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). Budgets up to $120,000 will be considered. Budgets can be used for graduate students, faculty, and/or program costs. Budgets should reflect the scope of the work required. 

Phase 1 concept approvals should address these areas:

  1. A description of the significance of the idea, the graduate student population(s)/programs involved, and potential student impact.
  2. A description of the proposed innovation(s) with a strong justification for the approach.
  3. A budget and budget justification (which may be subject to change in Phase 2). 

Phase 2 may involve consultations with the Graduate College, potentially collaborating with other Phase 1 participants, and other local and national experts to strengthen the concept proposal ideas. Decisions regarding which proposals will be asked on to move on to Phase 2 will be announced the week of February 1, 2019. Phase 2 proposal requirements and a firm timetable will be provided to those selected for further consideration. We expect Phase 2 applications will be due approximately March 15, 2019. The selection and notification of awardees will occur in the first half of April 2019.
Questions can be directed to Associate Dean Shelly Campo (335-2136) or the Executive Director of Graduate College Operations Donna Welter (335-2145).