The University of Iowa

FY 2018 Salary Program

Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers
Susan Curry, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost, and Cheryl Reardon, CHRO and Associate Vice President
June 8, 2017
FY 2018 Salary Program

Instructions for implementing the 2017-18 Salary Program have been updated on the Human Resources website (  As we continue the University’s on-campus budget development process for FY 2018, collegiate and administrative units are encouraged to make strategic financial resource allocation decisions. Salary adjustments for non-bargaining faculty and staff should be distributed differentially to individuals based upon performance and market competiveness demands. If it is unclear whether a college or division has sufficient resources for a July 1st salary policy, salaries may be adjusted mid-year or in smaller increments twice during the fiscal year. Colleges and divisions will also have the option to award a lump sum payment in lieu of an adjustment to base salary. Funds 500/510 cannot be used to fund lump sum payments.

Colleges and divisions with employees holding joint appointments in other colleges and divisions should coordinate with the appropriate budget officers as early as possible so as not to delay an administrative area’s ability to finalize its budget decisions.

The University’s electronic budget and salary planning system is available in Self Service to administrative offices.  Electronic budget and salary entries are due to the University Budget Office by 12:00 p.m. on June 23, 2017. The results of this budget process will not be considered final until the Board of Regents approves the University’s budget at its August 1-2, 2017, meeting. 

Individuals receiving a July 1st salary increase should be informed of their salary increases prior to July 5, 2017, subject to individual pay increases being within the established guidelines or explicitly approved by the Office of the Provost or University Human Resources. Senior Human Resource leaders are available to suggest best practices for communication with individuals regarding salary decisions.

See Attachments A, B, C and D on the website for additional information.