The University of Iowa

Flood Mitigation Task Force

Executive Vice President and Provost Wallace Loh and Senior Vice President and Treasurer Doug True have appointed a 14-member task force to serve as the University community's voice in planning changes to reduce the risk from future Iowa River flooding.

The task force will meet through the fall with numerous faculty, staff and student constituencies to hear their thoughts and concerns about possible actions that might be taken. The group will submit its report to President Mason in March 2009. The task force's conclusions will also be shared with consultants from Ayres Associates and Sasaki Associates, two firms that are advising the University on flood mitigation planning.

In addition, the task force will advise the university's administration on particular flood recovery and mitigation issues that might arise prior to the completion of the final plan, and contribute whatever additional input is appropriate regarding the rebuilding of the campus.

Among the task force's goals will be to consider means to reduce the risk of damage from future flooding in buildings flooded this summer while taking account of the needs of student services operations and research, instructional and artistic programs that were affected by the flood.

Task Force Membership

  • Larry Weber, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering (co-chair).
  • Gregg Oden, professor of psychology and computer science (co-chair).
  • Cheryl Reardon Hoogerwerf, assistant to the vice president for research.
  • Joe Kearney, associate dean, College of Liberal Arts & Science.
  • Lucie Laurian, assistant professor, Urban & Regional Planning.
  • Lola Lopes, emeritus professor, Tippie College of Business.
  • George Malanson, professor, Geography.
  • Gene Parkin, professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  • John Beldon Scott, professor, Art & Art History.
  • Mike Valde, environmental compliance manager.

The committee also includes the following ex officio members:

  • Barbara Eckstein, associate provost, Office of the Provost.
  • Don Guckert, associate vice president, Facilities Management.
  • George Hollins, University Business Manager.
  • Donna Pearcy, director, Office of Risk Management.