Below are links to administrative units that may provide internal and/or external funding opportunities:

Funding requests should be routed through the departmental executive first, then the collegiate dean who will forward them to the appropriate administrative office.

  • Central Research Support Facilities - Maintains state-of-the art resources for key research activities within the University.
  • Division of Sponsored Programs - Assists faculty in identifying, applying for, and managing externally funded grants.
  • Health Protection Office (HPO) - Oversees programs in: biological safety, chemical safety, ergonomics, general safety, industrial hygiene, radiation safety, and waste/environmental management.
  • ITS Research Services - Assists with both high performance and parallel computing and data visualization.
  • Oakdale Research Campus - Is located on 500 acres of land within the corporate limits of Coralville. As many as 1000 researchers, students, faculty, and staff use the campus daily.
  • Obermann Center for Advanced Studies - Is dedicated to scholarship and provides a uniquely supportive environment where scholars working individually or in collaboration can reflect, write and meet in easy interchange.
  • Principal Investigator & Research Administrator HR Guide- Designed to assist the PI and Research Administrator with the management of staff, budgeting and other related responsibilities of grant or contract projects.
  • Technology Innovation Center - Provides a range of services and facilities designed to foster the development of new business ventures, particularly those that make use of advanced technology.
  • University Research Council - Advises the Vice President for Research in the formulation, review, and application of policy guidelines for University research funding.
  • UI Research Foundation - Is responsible to obtain license patents covering inventions arising during the normal course of research and teaching at the University.
  • University Libraries - The University of Iowa Libraries is the largest library system in Iowa and the 14th largest among the nation's research libraries. The University's Main Library, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, 10 branch libraries, and the Law Library contain more than 4 million volumes. About two-thirds of this collection resides in the Main Library.
  • Writing Resources for Faculty - part of the Office of the Provost resource series.

Most departments have a limited number of RA appointments available. Faculty research assistantships are awarded to qualified graduate students and serve two purposes: (a) to provide research service to professorial members of the academic staff and (b) to provide apprenticeship experience for graduate students who are in training in research. Not more than twenty hours of service per week are required of a half-time assistant. Other part-time service is scaled in proportion, and a limited academic schedule is permitted.

Note: Most student research assistants at the University are included in an organized collective-bargaining unit recognized by the University and the State of Iowa. Faculty who utilize research assistants should become familiar with the requirements of the bargaining agreement. Information is available from department executive officers, from Employee and Labor Relations, 121-20 USB, 335-0052.